Awesome Self-Publishing Advice From the Creators of Animal Appetites

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To support autism awareness, Andrea Bull teamed up with her brother, Robert, to create a children’s book in which Andrea’s funny phrases for each letter of the alphabet are accompanied by Robert’s creative illustrations. They ran a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, self-published with BookBaby, and Animal Appetites is now on the market, with half of the proceeds going to the Canucks Autism Network.

Why Andrea and Robert produced their book: “My younger brother Robert was diagnosed with autism when he was about four years old,” says Andrea, “and I’ve always been looking for creative ways to help him overcome some of the challenges that he faced – and continue to look for ways to help him reach his full potential. He’s loved drawing ever since he was younger and he’s developed a really unique way of bringing his imagination to life through his art, which is why we decided to team up to create this book. I wrote all of the text for all of the letters and then he independently produced all of the illustrations according to his own interpretation and imagination.”

On promoting their book: “I have promoted Animal Appetites through word of mouth, email updates, social media, and traditional media through the help of a publicist. I also started promoting this book well before it was ever released. We ran a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project, so I was always reaching out to friends and family asking for their input, so that created quite a bit of buzz – people were really looking forward to seeing what came out of this project.”

Advice for writers hoping to self publish: “My advice for other authors looking to self publish would be to learn as much as you can about the industry before you get started, have some clear goals, and a plan on how to achieve them. It makes the whole process a lot easier and a lot more fun. Our goal was to produce a work that children and families could enjoy and that promoted autism awareness in a way that showcased the vibrant talent and potential of autistic individuals.”

Why they chose BookBaby: “I chose to self-publish with BookBaby because they offered all the services that I was looking for. I needed to keep the up-front costs low and the back-end work to a minimum because this is a side-project for me. It was also very important that I worked with someone who produced a high-quality product and had great customer service – and I found all of that with BookBaby.”

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