One thought on “New and Expanded BookBaby Author Services For Self-Published Authors

  1. Terrance Hourihan says:

    I have one book that’s available on Amazon. I just finished a second book about Condominium governance. I cannot figure out how to create a single PDF file from multiple chapters, which I did successfully last time. Not taken as a whole, I did not give page numbers from 1 onward. Your services sound good. My book, however still needs to be put into a whole with page numbering added. This would be the first step. Your services for book distribution, promotion, and optimizing metadata seem to make sense. Please provide additional information and whether a CD with the front and back cover, into pages, and book chapters can be converted into a single PDF file and page numbers inserted. I am quite sincere in my desire to get this book completed and out for public consumption. Thank you, Terrance Hourihan

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