Reading Habits Around The World

reading habits

We’ve already got the Olympics, and even the Reading Olympics – at least they’ve got that in our school district here in the suburbs of Philadelphia – but this infographic puts global competition and reading habits in a new light. Designed by the folks at The Expert Editor, this “Guide To Global Reading Habits” lists the top 10 “literate” countries, the biggest selling books worldwide, and other interesting stats and facts that may not change the way you approach your writing career, but may provide a new-found appreciation for the Nordic countries when it comes to reading.

For example, would you have listed Finland as your #1 pick for “most literate country” in the world? And while you might have placed a Harry Potter book or three in the top sellers worldwide, would you have bet that all seven books in the Harry Potter series are included among the 21 world-wide best sellers? And would you have guessed that 27 percent of American adults say they haven’t read a single book in the past 12 months? Looks like the French are right there with us, and we’re both ahead of Italy.

The infographic even includes a bizarre entry listing books with release dates scheduled for the next millennium, which is leaving me scratching my head (but not quite ready to cryogenically freeze myself). One final takeaway is that books eclipse music, video games, magazines, and movies in terms of annual sales. So we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice.

Enjoy the infographic!

reading habits


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  1. Talk about the Olympics. There are three new events in the upcoming Olympics:

    –pushing your luck

    –beating around the bush

    –jumping to conclusions

  2. I think we might skew the curve. I have read 6 books in the past month, my wife 8 and my daughter 12, and yes I said month. We have a TV but it may be the least used appliance in the house. Better than 50% of the time it is playing, it is playing DVDs, and then it is playing for maybe 2 hours a night.

    I just can’t get “hooked” on the stuff they call entertainment now.

    I have read 17 of the ‘top 21’ listed, and seeing as it is #2 I may have to get out my Chinese English dictionary and Try XinHua ZiDian Though I’m REALLY rusty. It has been 44 years since I last worked as a Translator/Interpreter.


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