1. Well, I’d have to disagree (if I may). In the UK January – end of February sales are in the doldrums. Authors can use Mothers’ Day (March) and April to promote their sales. I launched Scotch on the Rocks in July 2015 and it reached #1 in its genre within a week. Having said that, I have to admit that kindle unlimited/Prime/Book Bub etc are having an impact on downloads and with every year it becomes harder and harder for authors (not just indies) to make an impact. Too many books; kindles full to bursting point with unread novels – time for a shake up IMHO. Thanks for the blog post.

    • I have to disagree too. I’m in the US and many authors have showed very little to no sales in January and February, as well as August. They’ve showed the best sales during the holiday season, followed by the spring-summer period. However, these are self-published authors stating this.

    • I’m afraid I have to agree with you, Lizzie, about Kindle and all the other e-book media. Initially I achieved a lot of sales with Kindle but they have dwindled. I now intend to publish in print, as we all used to, and treat downloadable formats as just a nice little sideline.

  2. I, too, found the “fact” that book sales soar in Jan/Feb a curious one, as it is contrary to my own experience and other data that I’ve seen. Would love to see Mr. Spatz’s data for this “fact.”

    Do agree, however, that for most books (with a few exceptions) the traditional publishing house calendar is not especially applicable.

  3. Nice article Stephen, but I do have a question about something you mentioned. You said to make the book available in as many formats as possible – including pdfs. I understand everything but the PDF part. It seems that if your book is available anywhere in a PDF format, then it would so simple to pirate the book. There is no way to protect copies from being made and freely distributed. I have a friend who told me their sales plummeted as soon as they made a PDF version available. I am wondering if your experience is otherwise. Thanks in advance for your answer.

  4. My question is, if you are publishing a crime novel or a drama, thriller, and suspense; when would be the right time for those? According to your list those genres are not included. Does that mean that every time is right for those or that it is always the wrong time?

  5. My deadline to publish my erotic thriller is first week in December.. That deadline is based on writing 500 words a day to complete first draft. the right time to publish any genre iis when it’s finished.

  6. Timing is an important aspect of writing as it plays a vital role in the consistency of a writer.
    your blog made things look easier and understandable.
    thanks a lot and keep writing more, it will guide me more.


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