How To Promote Your Christian Fiction Book on Social Media

Christian Fiction Book

If you’re promoting your Christian fiction book, these links and pages will get you off the ground connecting with groups and forums likely to embrace your title.

You finished writing your book! It’s a moment worthy of celebration, but you can’t put down your laptop – the reality is you’ll be busier than ever looking for ways to market your book online and off. When it comes to Christian fiction and your online marketing, there are dozens of forums and sites devoted to the genre. Your task with your book promotion is to find these groups and engage with them.

There are some rules of the road: with any social media platform, it’s important that members see you as a dedicated participant, not someone solely interested in promotion for your book. It’s best to start by joining in the conversations going on in each forum. Once you’ve established yourself as a member, you can reference your book, perhaps even promoting special offers or previews.

We’ve started you on the right path with the following useful resources. Explore these and share your favorites in the comments section.


As an independent author marketing your book on a budget, creating an author Facebook page devoted to your book is an economical first step. The hard part is getting people to visit and like your page, and there are numerous webinars, books, and blogs that can help you. Facebook has a guide to help you.

While you can reach a segment of your Facebook friends with any post, you’ll have to pay to reach a larger audience – Facebook calls this “boosting” your post. When you post something on your page, you’ll see a prompt asking if you’d like to to “boost this post?” If you answer “yes,” a pop-up will appear informing you how far your reach will go based on how much you spend. If you decide to boost a post, Facebook will broadcast the item to relevant pages, where it will appear on those timelines. It’s one way to get your book on the feeds of people likely to be interested in your type of content and to reach potential fans outside your immediate circle.

One way to seek out those people yourself is to join Facebook groups that draw readers of your genre. Below are some favorites for the Christian fiction genre.

Avid Readers of Christian Fiction (7,774 members). This is a place for Christian fiction readers to share their excitement about books, and you can gain insight into what excites this group of readers and connect with Christian genre enthusiasts. Tread lightly, this is not a promotional group, so don’t dive in with self-promotion. Once you’re an established member, you can begin to talk about you book in conversational ways.

Christian Fiction Gathering (3,647 members). This group is for people who simply enjoy reading Christian fiction. Feel free to post book promotions – these members love books!

Christian Historical Fiction (1,801 members). A gathering place for readers, authors, and lovers of Christian historical fiction to discuss the latest and upcoming titles, as well as the “never-ending To-Be-Read piles.” Self-promotion is permitted.

Christian Fiction Fans (1,800 members). This is a forum for readers and writers of Christian fiction to connect. Writers are encouraged to promote their books here.

Christian Fiction Writers (1,574 members). Another forum for writers and readers of Christian fiction to connect. Book promotion is allowed on designated days.

Christian Books and Authors (9,183 members). This page is open to any Christian author, bookstore, or publisher who would like to review or advertise Christian books. Book signings, special sales, and promotions related to Christian books are suitable for posting.

Christian Indie Books (1,610 members). This is a promotional group for books written by independent authors. All posts must include a list of places where the book can be purchased.


With posts limited to 140 characters, you’ll have to be clever to use this medium effectively. Remember to use hashtags, as they can make a huge difference in the reach of your tweet. A hashtag (e.g. #books, #christianfiction, etc.) is used to show what the post is about or related to. Each hashtag has its own Twitter “address,” as it were, so people interested in Christian fiction might just visit #christianfiction to read all the posts with this hashtag. Using multiple relevant hashtags, without going overboard, is key to a successful Twitter presence. If you’re offering a Kindle deal for your book, be sure to add the hashtag #kindledeals, as many readers look there for inexpensive books.

As a Chrisian fiction writer, here are some relevant hashtags:


Pinterest is a site of theme-based virtual bulletin boards. You can find boards on everything from kitchen remodels to Mexican recipes to every kind of Christian genre book imaginable. Each board features images of the topic at hand which link to more information. For example, on a book board, when you click on the image of a book jacket, that might take you to a review of the book or the author’s Facebook page, the book’s Amazon page, etc.

While the site is used for sharing information, too much self-promotion is frowned upon. When you set up your Pinterest board, one approach would be to devote it to a larger topic – “self-published Christian fiction” or “favorite Christian story books” for instance – and allow people to share their titles with you. Join the fun and create interesting boards that are fun and engaging while promoting your titles.

In addition to creating your own boards, search out others where you can share your pins (images) and connect with others in the Christian fiction community. Here are a few to get you started:

Christian Books

{ christian books }

Pin a Christian Book

Christian Fiction


Goodreads is a website owned by that allows individuals to freely search a database of books, annotations, and reviews populated by users. You can register books to generate library catalogs and reading lists or create or join a group of book suggestions, surveys/polls, blogs, and discussions: just read the rules before posting! Authors who post promotions without participating in discourse with the community will be ejected.

Christian Fiction Devourers. This community discusses everything from reading to music to playing games to what makes a book good. There’s even a section for promotion that offers suggestions on how to promote your book, another for Kindle deals, and another for book giveaways.

Christian Books. This group is hosted by Body and Soul Publishing and is a place to discuss and share Christian books.

Christian Fiction Bloggers. This group is a place for Christian writers to share their blogs, though you don’t have to have a blog to join. This site has boards for book discussions, reviews, and posting giveaways and book deals.


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  1. I just finished my first “major” work. I’ts a historical Christian fiction book entitled: A Song For Zipporah. I’d like to find a source to advertise both my book and website with one click. Although I don’t mind going from one site to another to advertise, I’d sure like to be able to click just one button and “voila,” be placed on all of the sites and or blogs. Any ideas? Thanks Mr. D. Harris Psalm 98:1


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