The World’s Most Popular Books Through The Ages [Infographic]

most popular books

Not many lists will feature The Holy Bible, The Quran, and I Ching alongside The Second Sex and Fifty Shades of Grey, but this infographic from Global English Editing has managed to do it. From 10th Century B.C. to our current decade, “The 20 Most Popular Books Throughout History” takes an unscientific but interesting look at the books that were, and continue to be, read by multitudes of people around the world.

Interesting also, is noting the mix of texts, ranging from the religious and philosophical to the revolutionary, from the academic and socially conscious to fictional escapism. Different philosophies and ideas have endured, and stories from the dawn of writing prove compelling and relevant hundreds and hundreds years after they were written. It’s a testament to the importance of the work writers do.

If nothing else, this collection can serve as fodder for your list of must-read books. Maybe not every book on this list qualifies, but I’ve added a couple of titles to my library list based on this infographic. Happy reading!

Most Popular Books Infographic


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  1. All my life I have been a reporter, editor, translator, writer and I am now 73. My big ambition is to
    write or translate Burmese short stories into English.However I have been uncertain whether I have the writing skill needed esp. in English. At this age I don’t have much time to join a writing class. Thank you for letting me speak from my heart.


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