Self-publish An eBook And Tell Your Unvarnished Story – Just Like Brooke Burgess Did

Self-publish An eBook

Brooke Burgess is a producer, director and writer of interactive entertainment including web content, video games, comic books, and interactive animations. For nearly a decade, he has worked remotely, a self-styled digital nomad roaming the world with a backpack in search of inspiration and any Wi-Fi connection he can find.

Blessed with this freedom, Burgess had compiled a bevy of personal stories he wanted to tell – stories that would only translate through the written word.

“To reach an audience and share these stories,” Burgess explains, “it just made sense to use eBooks. It was the cleanest, easiest, most affordable, and the strongest way for me to have control over my story, the story I wanted to tell, and to reach as many people as possible. Not just people in my network, but [those] with shared interests.”

Burgess decided to self-published an eBook, The Cat’s Maw, with BookBaby. It’s the first of five books, which focuses on stories of Burgess’ childhood. He chose BookBaby because he wanted to have complete control over his story, the branding, how the story will unfold on a mass scale, and to have it remain uncensored and unvarnished.

“BookBaby made it easy!” Burgess attests.

“The Internet has allowed for some incredible things, but really, to share aspects of your own life with other people, that’s what social media is about,” says Burgess. “That’s what I consider BookBaby to be. Almost an extension, in a grand format, of social media. To reach out to like minds, to reach out to a potential audience and to share your personal experience with them.”



Do you dream of self-publishing your book? It’s easier than you think with BookBaby.

See more videos at the BookBaby YouTube channel.


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