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BookBaby news alert! Our 2017 survey is asking over 1,000,000 writers to share opinions, experiences, and goals in the self-publishing environment.

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BookBaby’s Self-Publishing Survey 2017

Calling all authors: Take our survey and tell us your story! The self-publishing community is huge, and it’s getting bigger every day. And yet there’s still so little we know about how or even why some indie authors are getting discovered by readers. Is it great marketing? Is it pure luck? Or something else altogether?

As more books flood the already crowded bookstores, new and even established authors are finding it harder to stand out on bookshelves, virtual or real. That’s why we felt there’s never been a better time to reach out to self-published authors around the globe and ask: What’s working when it comes to getting attention for your book?

We’ve teamed up with over 15 publishing industry partners to conduct what we believe will be the largest survey in self-publishing history. We’re asking over 1,000,000 writers to share opinions, experiences, and goals as an author in the self-publishing environment.

Our questions focus on indie book discoverability, with specific questions about book marketing expectations and results, including:

  • What marketing channels and techniques are working – and not working?
  • The effectiveness, reach and engagement of social media channels.
  • Authors’ willingness to spend on marketing efforts.
  • Marketing strategies and tactics – what’s working and what isn’t?

What’s in it for you?
Knowledge, for one thing. We’ll publish the results of this survey in early 2017 in hopes of helping authors make more informed decisions regarding their own promotional strategies. And we’ll make it worth the five minutes of your time to participate: BookBaby and many of our partners are offering a number of giveaways and promotions, including a chance to win a Complete Self-Publishing Package.

Share your voice today
Click here to begin the survey. By telling us your own book marketing story, you’ll be contributing to the self-publishing industry’s growth while helping improve the promotional opportunities for all self-publishing authors.

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Self Publishing My Children’s Book – With Jenn Ashton

Jenn Ashton is a children’s book author, artist, and developer. She was confident in her work and wanted to share it with the world – she decided she wasn’t going to wait for a publisher to find her. Now, she sells her books all over the world, noting a lot of sales in Australia.

“I chose BookBaby for my publishing because I wanted to publish when I wanted to publish. I didn’t want to have to wait for an editor or publisher to tell me my book was good enough. I felt like it was good and I wanted to get my product out quickly. And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve got three books out and they’re doing very well on Amazon and other places all over the world.”

BookBaby guides authors and is a one-stop-shop that provides eBook conversion, cover design, page formatting, book printing, worldwide distribution, and excellent customer service. In addition, BookBaby distributes books in over 170 countries through more than 100+ online retail stores, including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and Kobo.

“The best part of the experience is getting that delivery and opening the box,” Ashton continues. “With BookBaby you can publish on your own terms, whenever you want. The bonus is there’s no rejection letters coming.”



With BookBaby, authors lead the way. You keep complete control over your content and retain all ownership. Do you dream of self-publishing your book? It’s easier than you think with BookBaby.



BookShop is your one-stop shop to sell both eBooks and printed books straight to your readers. With BookShop, you can earn more profits, receive faster payments, and maintain total control of your page content. Best of all: it’s free to all BookBaby authors! PLUS, we’ve expanded our Print On Demand BookShop program to better serve indie authors. Our new program:

  • Pays authors more – 50% of their list price
  • Pays authors fast – in just a few days
  • Promises in-stock status 24/7/365



See more videos at the BookBaby YouTube channel.


BookBaby 2017 Survey Results


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  1. If I take your suvey will I receive a copy of the results without hunting for it in the hope of seeing it before it is taken down?
    I’ve never seen the results of any survey I’ve taken in the past. And they all says “You will receive …”
    jos henry


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