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These first-time authors agree: Professional editing is a must for every book, and BookBaby’s book editing service was the right choice.

This is a story of three books, all very different from one another, that share an important common thread.

Joe Morton’s book is a novel that traces a child’s effort to save a forest from development. David Dietz writes about how the power of prayer helped his son grow and thrive. And Ulysses Lopez shares his amazing 100-day journey of fasting and discovery.

The link between the three? They were among the first authors who used BookBaby’s editing service. All three writers had their own reasons for seeking editing help, and I’m happy to report the trio of first-time authors were all were extremely satisfied with the results.

“I have some English teachers who are rolling over in their graves knowing I wrote a book,” said Dietz, an architect based in Myrtle Beach, SC. “I have all kinds of ideas and I can come up with a story – and I know good writing when I read it. But I never considered myself an author and I knew I needed someone to edit my book.”

Lopez’ book, Holy Spirit Feed Me: 100 Days of Fasting, was inspired by the author’s positive life changes. He describes his writing process as simply recording his stream of consciousness. “There would be days when I would be writing and I’d look at my fingers and they would be typing so fast. The book was flowing out of me. I was just getting the words out and I knew I needed an editor to go in and clean up.”

With a background in journalism and teaching, Morton knew while he was writing From the Forest of Eden that he would eventually need professional editing services. “I always had a copy editor when I worked for the newspaper, and to me it was just natural that the next part of the publishing process was to have my book edited.”

One of BookBaby’s unofficial mottos is “Self Publishing Made Easy,” and it’s one of the reasons behind our decision to launch our editing service: to simplify the process for authors, especially first timers.

“I liked that BookBaby offered an editing service because I wanted to publish my book through one company,” said Lopez.

Morton agreed. “It was really so convenient, editing through BookBaby. When you spend a lot of time on a novel, you’re kind of living it, and that goes on for a long time. You simply can’t see it for the first time anymore. You’re too close to the words. I was looking for someone who was seeing it for the first time, and I was hoping they would make some valuable suggestions.”

BookBaby’s editing service is unique in a number of ways. For the first time, self-published authors have access to a network of editors of some of today’s best selling books. Many of them have edited New York Times and Amazon best sellers across practically every genre. More importantly for indie authors, our Line Editing and Copy Editing projects are available at affordable prices. The typical 60,000 word book will cost under $1,200 for Copy Editing – that’s 30 to 50 percent lower than competing premium offers.

“I’m so glad I did it, it made my book a whole lot better,” said Dietz, who based The Tiniest of Prayers on detailed notes he made watching his now 16-year-old son battling for his life in the hospital. “If I’m going to put a book out there, I want to do it right. No halfway for me. Do it right or don’t do it at all.”

“It was money very well spent,” said Morton. “I’m very happy with the result. I was surprised at how detailed the editing was. There must have been hundreds of changes made, most of them were about punctuation and spacing. I know it made the book much better.”

Lopez describes his editing experience in emotional terms. “I was so very happy with the editing,” he said. “The editor looking at my book didn’t know me from Adam. He was just focusing on the words. If I had known him, he might have been less objective. After reading the editor’s notes, I could tell that he got it, he knew this book was really personal. I started crying when I read his notes.”

I can’t promise BookBaby’s editing service will move you to tears, but I can guarantee the quality of your editing project. Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee means that if our team of editors miss a typo or other mistakes, we’ll do the job again until it’s right.

“This was my first book and I had to wonder: Was this a scam? I really wanted to make sure it was worth it,” said Lopez. “It was a kind of leap of faith for me, but as soon as I got the book back and read the editor’s notes, I knew I had made the right choice.”

These three diverse authors agree: Professional book editing is a must for every book.

“As it relates to architecture, I know how important it is to have a third party look at every project,” said Dietz. “With my book, I knew that having another point of view was vital. I wanted someone who had never read it before go through it in detail. The editor came up with some really good points for us.”


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