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Enlisting a book discovery service promoting cheap or free eBooks to a subscriber list – or helping you to boost your own social media efforts – is one way to get reviews, grow your social network, and find readers.

Updated February 2018.

Whatever your preferred means of promoting your title, free and bargain book listings could be one way to kick-start your book promotions. As with any promotion, it’s up to you as the author – or whoever is in charge of the book promotion – to vet providers and make the right decisions regarding where to spend money and how to position your book. In other words, we’re not specifically recommending this approach, but if you’re inclined to give this promotion tactic a go to aid in book discovery of your title, here’s a list to set you on your way.

The idea is simple enough: These services give you access to their lists — via email, websites, and social media — for a fee. Most are up front with their subscribers that these promotions are advertorials, and each has its set of criteria. Some services boast stringent editorial input, meaning every title is approved by an editorial staff before being included, while others guarantee placement. This means that, should your book not make the cut at one service, there are others that will probably carry your title.

Here are 15 services that cater to independent authors. An asterisk designates a Friend of BookBaby as listed on the resources page of the BookBaby website.

BookBub book discoveryBookBub
BookBub is a book marketing and discovery platform that promotes limited-time discounts on eBooks via daily emails to subscribers in various genre categories.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Your book must be free or discounted at least 50% Only 10-20% of submissions pass editorial review Between 222,000-3.7 million depending on genre Ranges from $66-$4,000

BookGrbbr book discoveryBookGrbbr*
BookGrbbr is built on the concept of sharing content. When you share your book and someone “Grabbs” the content you’ve shared, BookGrbbr requires them to share the content prior to reading, prompting their friends to do the same all the way up the social media ladder.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Authors are required to have one or multiple social media profiles Authors can share excerpts or complete texts and set a cap on downloads Depends on the outreach of your social network. $25 a month

BookLemur book discoveryBookLemur*
BookLemur delivers free and discounted titles through daily alert emails to its subscriber list and posts eBook features on its Facebook page.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Your book should be priced between $0-$3.99 Book is screened for approval, must meet promotion criteria 11,000 subscribers + 5,000 Facebook followers $25+ depending on genre(s)

book discovery sites BookRaidBookRaid
BookRaid is a book advertising service that sends discounted book offers to its subscriber list.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Free or discounted 50% or more; available on Amazon; high quality titles, covers, and descriptions No mention of a a selection process, but mentions taking “number of reviews or average review rating… into consideration” No information found Charged per click based on price of your book

Bublish book discoveryBublish*
Bublish is a service that helps authors boost their use of social media with metrics and resources to help authors use and track excerpts from their work to fuel their social marketing efforts.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Authors are urged to have one or multiple social media accounts Book must be in .epub format Depends on the outreach of your social network $9.99 a month / $99 per year

book discovery sites Ereader News TodayEreader News Today
The longest-running daily ebook newsletter in the industry, Ereader News Today subscribers receive a daily email with books tailored to each subscriber.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Book must be free or on sale (or <99¢), at least 125 pages (some exceptions for nonfiction works), among other requirements Book must be available for Kindle, but ENT also promotes for the Nook, iPad, Google Play, and Kobo Claims 500,000 Facebook followers and 200,000 email subscribers who receive daily updates Between $35-140 depending on genre and price of your book

Freebooksy book discoveryFreebooksy
Freebooksy posts a free eBook once a day (at least), covering multiple genres. eBooks are free on the day they are posted. Freebooksy participates in the Amazon Associates Program.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Your book must be free for the duration of the promotion Boasts 245,000 Facebook fans Varies by genre, from 42,000 to 245,000 Varies by genre, from $40 – $200

Free Kindle Book discoveryFree Kindle Books & Tips
The majority of posts to the KB&T blog provide a mix of free Kindle book offers of discounted or “exclusive” deals, along with Kindle tips to vary the content.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Must have eight reviews, and a 4 rating at Amazon, plus other requirements Erotica, get rich quick, and controversial material is generally not accepted Daily emails go to 150,000, with 600,000 accessing the blog $25-$100 depending on promotion

FussyLibrarianThe Fussy Librarian
The Fussy Librarian sends 128,000 subscribers a daily email, though subscribers in specific genres vary.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Requires at least 10 reviews and a minimum Amazon rating, books priced below $5.99, and editorial approval Inclusion on searchable data base for 30 days 20,000-128,000 depending on genre $12-18 depending on genre

book discovery sites goodkindlesGoodkindles
When you submit your book to Goodkindles, it will appear at the top of its home page and be seen by website visitors, newsletter subscribers, and social profile followers.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Appears that all books are accepted Books do not need to be on sale No mention beyond “thousands of readers” will see the promotions $25 / $35 / $45 depending on the package

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for book recommendations, with more than 30 million members, 900 million books, and 24 million reviews.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
The Author Program allows anyone with a finished book (preferably published and for sale online) to join Goodreads offers genre-targeted advertising, including a giveaway program to boost awareness Varies on user preferences Free to list a book, paid advertising prices vary

book discovery sites hotzippyHotZippy
HotZippy advertises and promotes national best sellers and eBooks written by independent authors through four multi-genre and genre-specific websites.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Book pricing and length are listed as the primary considerations All genres are accepted, but horror and romance have genre-specific promotion sites Promotion is done through four websites Promotion plans range from $23 to $337 (and more)

NoiseTrade Books connects authors with readers through the exchange of free eBooks and audiobooks for email addresses.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
All content is free Readers “tip” whatever amount they want and can share eBook or audiobooks with their social networks Not listed NoiseTrade keeps 20% of tips, plus 5% and 30¢ for transaction fees

book discovery sites planet ebookPlanet Ebooks
Planet Ebooks has social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest targeted to Kindle owners.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Available to anyone promoting a Kindle book No email list; only for Kindle books Claims 130,000 Facebook followers (no mention of other platform numbers) $19.95/$29.95 (Free eBooks); $29.95/$59.95 (Non-free eBooks)

Riffle book discoveryRiffle Select*
Riffle Select is a service that connects authors and new readers through limited-time eBook deals. Subscribers sign up to receive daily emails featuring free and discounted eBook titles across a variety of genres.

Criteria Notes List Size Cost
Your book must be free or discounted by at least 50% Not all books are selected – depends on submissions by genre Not listed Between $25-120 based on list size, category, eBook price and availability

For more book discovery and promotion options, check out Nate’s Big List of Free & Paid Book Promotion Websites on The Digital Reader.




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  1. Awesome list. If you want to go this route, be sure to do your homework and decide which service is best for you.

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