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Book News January 2016

Potential Q1 backlash for indie publishers: returns on unsold product

Book News January 2016 Amazon bottleneckWhile the article “Amazon Bottlenecks Frustrating Indie Publishers” from Publisher’s Weekly dates back to pre-holiday issues of indie book publishers having inventory tied up with Amazon, the potential backlash of returns – and a glut of inventory for these independents – could pose a significant problem in the next month.

From the PW article: “Currently the situation seems to be limited in scope; many publishers contacted by PW, including several of the Big Five houses, reported no problems with Amazon. But for those affected, concerns are mounting about when the problem will be fixed and, come February, how the issue will impact returns. ‘It’s been so frustrating,’ one publisher told PW. ‘For small presses, this is our moment.'”

Free book offer from BookBaby: 1,001 Tips for Writers

Book News January 2016 free bookYou’ve finally placed yourself at your desk, ready to let your words flow. But before long, you’re fiddling with your pen while your stare becomes as blank as your page. Every writer confronts moments like these when writing, publishing, and promoting their book — it’s all a part of the process. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a source of advice and inspiration to help you through these various stages?

Enter William A. Gordon’s 1,001 Tips for Writers. This expansive eBook compiles decades of life lessons and insights from literary legends (Twain, Hemingway, and other titans) to present day professionals in the writing world — all packed into this must-have resource for any writer. You can find this book on Amazon for $15.95, but for a limited time, BookBaby is offering it to you for free.

CLICK HERE to get your free copy today.

“I’ll take Fitzgerald and a pint of Guinness, please.”

Book News January 2016 unusual bookstoresEver shop for books in a cathedral? In a bar? On a barge? Mental Floss complied a list of “11 Unusual Bookstores You Can Visit,” and it’s an encouraging exploration into creative use of space and a testament to the brick and mortar bookstore – or at least a physical location of some sort. See for yourself.

Looking for a writing contest?

Book News January 2016 writing contestsWriting contests abound, for every conceivable genre, format, and niche. Two great sources that aggregate contest info, including entry deadlines, can be found at Funds For Writers and Poets & Writers. If you’re a BookBaby author and go on to win one of these contests, let us know!

Camp NaNoWriMo

Book News January 2016 Camp NaNoWriMoIf you missed NaNoWriMo last November, or just weren’t ready to take the plunge, gear up for Camp NaNoWriMo, which happens in April and July. As the website explains, “Camp NaNoWriMo is a more open-ended version of our original November event. We have Camp sessions in both April and July, and we welcome word-count goals between 10,000 and 1,000,000. In addition, writers may attempt non-novel projects. Camp is a creative retreat for whatever you’re working on!”

The best of and RIP: 2015

Book News January 2016 Jackie Collins diesOn the off chance you haven’t exhausted your quota for end-of-year compilation lists, check out Publisher’s Weekly‘s Best Books of 2015 list. And take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the lives of some renown writers who passed away in 2015 with this list at Famous Dead. (And for a diversion from the literary, check out Disc Makers’ blog for a list of musicians who died in 2015).


Hybrid Author Game 


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