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Think you’re missing out on the Christmas rush? Maybe not. Self-published author sales peak after the new year, starting in January and February. So get ready!

To any author who decided not to rush their self-published books into production just so they could get it done before the holiday buying season, I have one thing to say to you:

Good job!

In this hurry up, instant gratification world we live in, publishing your book is the exception to the new rules. That manuscript you’ve slaved over for months or years demands the same kind of consideration in every step of the publishing process.

As the president of a company that works with thousands of authors, I feel confident making this statement: No one is happy when authors cut corners and rush the production of a book. And that includes your potential reading audience. They’ll be able to tell if you’ve skipped a professional editing job, or slapped a less than eye-catching cover on the book. They’ll notice the typos in the quickly penned book description on your Amazon page.

But beyond quality concerns, there’s another compelling reason why authors shouldn’t force their book to be published before Christmas:

The holiday season is NOT the prime selling time for new, self published authors.

Think about it: Unknown authors need to grab attention for their books in order to find their reading audience. Their books need to stand out and arouse the interest of potential readers who have the time and inclination to read. Now I don’t know about you, but December is the time of year I have the least time – and energy – to enjoy a new book. There’s shopping and parties and family visits and more.

Big time established authors can push out a lot of books over the holidays because it’s practically an impulse buy. It’s a safe, easy gift choice for a lot of folks. That’s simply not the case with the vast majority of self-published authors, and as a result they’re often disappointed with holiday sales efforts.

So when is “prime time” for most BookBaby authors? It’s right around the corner – the start of the New Year. Yes, it’s logical that people are going to have more time to spend reading during the cold winter months. But it’s also a fact that book sales soar during January and February. Think of all those Kindles and iPads that are going to be opened on Christmas morning! Or all the gift cards to Amazon or Barnes & Noble in Christmas stockings! Millions of potential readers are ready to discover their new favorite author or book, and there’s no reason why it can’t be yours!

Actually the entire first half of the year is a perfect time to launch and promote self published books because of another major book buying season that happens during that time. It’s the “beach reading” season, and I’ll be sharing some eye-popping sales statistics with you in the coming weeks.

So for authors who are disappointed their books aren’t yet out in the marketplace – take heart! Publishing your book the right way – thoughtfully and carefully – is the best way.

Happy New Year!

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8 thoughts on “Self-Published Authors: Your Sales Season Is Around The Corner (i.e. After The New Year!)

  1. Caril Phang says:

    I have found that non-fiction works show an uptick in sales if tied to relevant anniversaries/celebrations in the author’s neighbourhood and/or home city/state. Best, and happy writing–C

  2. Jake Devlin says:

    Good article. Thanks. I was thinking of doing a free Kindle promo Christmas Day and the day after; now I think I’ll do it early January.

    Or maybe both. Hmm.

  3. I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you so much–glad I took the time to read.

  4. Mary A. Berger says:

    Good point about people being so busy at holiday time. I’ll definitely keep your “after holiday” advice in mind. Thanks!

  5. Chance Newman says:

    Looking forward to it!

  6. thomas heckel says:

    I’m ready with my book now. What’s next

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