What Book Publicity Can An Author Gain On Her Own (And Where Does A PR Firm Help Out)?

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There’s a lot you can do to build your author brand and promote your book – but once you’ve established your brand, a PR firm might be the key to maximizing your book publicity potential.

As a self-published author you’re already a self-sufficient aficionado. Gaining exposure for yourself and your book can be done in countless ways if you’re creative, but it begins with the basics: blogging, leveraging your network, and using social media. You can get far utilizing these platforms and tactics on your own.

Blogging, as you know, can be a great platform to invest your time in to gain exposure and build a reputation. You can interact with other bloggers, potential readers of your books, casual observers interested in your topic, reviewers – just about anyone can come across your author blog.

When you blog, be it your own site or a guest post on an established site, make sure you include all the information you want readers and the media to know (including your author website URL and where to read your work) and all things they need in order to contact you. Check out “The Anatomy of a Great Blog for Authors,” a great post with tips for author blogs, for more on the subject.

Leveraging your network can also be one of the most valuable things in your book promotion tool belt. Offering friends, business connections, and other authors your book and asking them to review it can help you expand your potential readership.

If someone you’d like to review your book isn’t available (we’re all very busy people), ask them if they know someone who can. Don’t be shy. Make sure to reach as far as possible: the wider you cast your net, the greater the opportunities.

Social media is another tool that will help you stay relevant and be seen – and it’s a platform you have a lot of control over. You decide how to present your book and where. Think about the social media content you enjoy seeing, then find a way to apply the successful elements to your own promotions. Whether that’s creating your own content on your blog and other platforms, or sharing content you find relevant and stimulating, cultivate your voice and use it to build your online audience.

These three areas are the building blocks of your author brand, all of which benefit from your playing an active role in developing.

Once you’ve built the brand (or at least have the process started), promoting and expanding on that brand is where an established PR firm can help.

One issue is simply a matter of maintenance. With so many channels carrying your message, it may sometimes feel overwhelming to maintain them all – or you may feel your audience isn’t really receiving what you’re putting out there. The reach of your promotional messages has so much more potential! And simply being connected to a firm can show reviewers, publishers, and the media that you’re a serious author and that you mean business.

Not only that, but a PR firm can help set up book tours, connect with hard-to-reach media contacts at your local newspaper (and beyond), book you for speaking and/or book release events, and craft the strongest messages possible to effectively reach your audience.

Whether you’re going to DIY it or get help from an expert, remember to utilize every tool at your disposal. You are the author of your own success – go out and write it!

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  1. Do you have contact lists for PR people in Washington, Oregon or in Canada? I have a traditionally published book out and volume two will be out in 2016 and I’d like to contact a PR person. Thank.s


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