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Knowing why you are writing a book will help frame your marketing, narrow your target audience, and give clarity to your work.

You know your topic – you live and breathe it and can’t wait to share your passion with the world! You will pour all this passion into the pages of your book, and it will radiate with the love you have for your subject. Your book will be extraordinary. It will change the lives of your readers, and your life, too.

But wait! There’s more. Did you really think writing a book would be that simple?

You can’t only have passion – you need purpose, too.

Now that you have found your true calling and you want to write about it, it’s time to discover your purpose. What is the reason you are writing a book? You cannot expect your publisher or anyone else to answer this for you. No one will understand the purpose of your book if you don’t. You have found your passion, so ask yourself, “Why do I want to share this particular passion with the world?”

Answer with purpose.

The more you think about the answers to the following questions, the more they will help you discover your intentions for yourself and your readers. I’ve provided for you possible answers to help get you thinking, but I encourage you to expand upon these answers with your own personal insights.

Why are you writing this book?
You might be writing your book as a form of therapeutic release to provide yourself clarity and well being. Writing a book can be calming for your heart and soul. Writing can produce emotional rejuvenation and can heal in ways other remedies cannot.

Do you want to publish your book? Why?
Especially if you are writing for a personal release or for deeply personal reasons, this is a very pertinent question. You might want to publish because you feel other people will benefit from reading it, will relate it to their own lives, and might also feel the same positive therapeutic effect you felt while writing it.

You might want to publish your book because you believe you can inspire and empower other people if they read about your past personal experiences, your first-hand advice for building strong relationships, or your spirituality. Whatever your book is about, you trust that your readers will learn from it and will take a positive message and examples they can apply to their own lives, and be happier because of it.

You might be writing your book because you want to use it as an extension of your business. In many cases, your book can be like a 200-page business proposal. It can delve into the depths of case studies you’ve conducted or be a direct link to your business platform, relating to your readers what you have been through to get to the professional stage you are at in your life today. Your book can go into the meticulous details and complications that you face on an everyday basis.

Is your book educational, motivational, or inspirational? Are there other benefits to be gained from reading your book?
What benefits will your reader get from reading your book? You might intend for them to benefit from your book by approaching aspects of their own life with a new philosophical perspective, or by being more innovative in personal activities, or adopting a mantra that will better their lives. If you want to inspire your readers, then you could inform them of an effective way of standing up for their beliefs and values.

If you give honest and detailed answers to the above questions, it can help you discover why you are writing what you’re writing. If you are submitting a book proposal to win a publishing contract, these questions will help you stand above the crowd if you address this level of understanding the benefits of your book. Knowing these answers before you write will help you – and perhaps your potential publisher – determine the best approach to how you structure and approach your entire book.

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These questions are used in the InspireABook® Webinar program to help the writer understand who they are writing the book for, and what language they will use for that reader. In discussion groups, the answers to these questions helps the writer to understand how to write the book for their specific readership and how to market to that readership.


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  1. I wrote “My Days in the Beast” due to our family near miss and other events around and connected to 9/11.

    Acts of terrorism against the US will only increase by those who believe their religion is the one and only accepted by God.

  2. I suppose all good advice; however, I write fiction – “the truth as it should have been.” I’ve tried to answer the questions you listed, but I had to smile. I am blind with no light perception. I write as a hobby, and I think it keeps my mind very active. I think my novels are entertaining. I delight in seeing the reviews. I love entering book contests and getting feedback from the judges. All reasons why I write. Profit never enters the equation, although, I wouldn’t mind producing a best seller!

  3. Thanks for your post. It is a positive inspiration and seems to advise one to strengthen one of any writer’s main strengths i.e. their reason for writing about what they most care for and are thinking mostly about. On the other side of the words, a potential reader makes the choice within 3 seconds to connect with what any writer seeks to share with them. If the writer’s purpose reaches out, their words to a reader it can be a little similar to when a porpoise (apologies to Alice in Wonderland) executes a perfect leap out of the water defying all of the water’s gravitational limitations to leap outside it’s own personal physical boundary or barrier. Thus it figuratively allows a reader to grab hold of a perceivable realization that may ease their own journey. The possibilities are so much more numerous than a potential reader/publisher would initially suppose when a writer firmly brings their purpose to view by a reader through their writing. Thanks again for your affirmative post.

  4. I am writing a book, for some of the same reasons that were presented. It is a book of inspirational writings. It is a book of poetry. These writings I was inspired to write, as I went through several situations in my life. Mainly, a automobile accident I was involved in. Several injuries, that were life threatening. I survived, those situations,in my life which were very challenging. To inspire those who have had similar situations, or life changing problems, to be encouraged. some thing is in life can be very devastating.

  5. I am a published author because I discovered my experiences in life could help encourage someone else. I want people to always see the bright side of things and have faith, this is why I wrote, “Anthology for Hope in the Hood.” I have other works forthcoming with the message of empowerment and perseverance.

    I have enjoyed the earlier comments.


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