How to Write a Professional Manuscript: #BBchat Recap

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Nancy L. Erickson joined our September BookBaby Twitter Chat to talk about how to write a professional manuscript, including some of the common mistakes a new author often makes.

For the September edition of our #BBchat Twitter chat, we asked author and book marketer Nancy L. Erickson for her advice to amateur authors on traversing the writing and publishing process. We prefaced this month’s chat with some initial pointers to get the conversation started, as well as a brief biography of Nancy, which you can check out here.

We frequently hear our literary friends asking for a list of “don’ts”–things to avoid on the road to publishing–so we knew Nancy would be the perfect person to join us. Using a methodology she developed, Nancy led the chat, as she would her clients, through the writing and publishing process, from initial concept to draft manuscript, finished manuscript, professionally published product, and on to an internationally marketed product.

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Below are a few excerpts from our chat with Nancy. To view the entire transcript, click here.


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