10 Tips to help writers stay focused [Infographic]

10 Tips for Writers

In the lead up to NanoWriMo, we’ve crafted this incredibly simple but powerful infographic to help you do the little things to stay focused on writing. Print it out and tack it to your wall, make it your laptop wallpaper, or add your own contribution in the comment section. Then stop dawdling and write!

10 tips to help writers stay focused

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  1. Oh no… I couldn’t stick to that, it would drive me nuts. Some of them went right over my head… Trendy gobbledygook that I didn’t have a scooby what was meant. Others were stating the bleeding obvious, while a few of them were too constraining to my ‘pantser’ method of writing.
    As for not ‘editing’ as you go… No! No! No!
    If you need to do enough editing to hold you up, then you need to learn a bit more basic English (or whatever language you work in.) or improve your typing skills.
    I go back and forth through my MS all the time, to set up clues, or backgrounds to plot turns that occur later. Or sometimes to move blocks of text around to improve the flow. I even change a character’s name occasionally (and if you don’t correct ALL of those immediately, you’ll always miss one). Each to their own, I suppose, but it’s just the way that I write.

    • Thank you for the affirmation that I’m ok in doing just that. Pretty much all the reasons you listed for breaking this commandment are mine as well.


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