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social media for authors

Enjoy this collection of BookBaby Blog posts featuring tips and tricks to help you navigate and optimize your promotional and professional exploits on social media platforms.

Creating And Promoting A Podcast
Thinking of producing a podcast to promote a book or build your author platform? This advice can help you think through some of the basics of creation and promotion.

Three Social Media Mistakes For Would-Be Authors
Social media is a key element of many authors’ marketing plans, but you’re making a mistake if you focus on book sales — especially right out of the gate. Start early, take it seriously, and be social, and you may find success promoting on social media.

Five Simple Marketing Ideas Every New Author Can Use
It may seem like marketing your book is an uphill battle, especially for new authors, but if you stick with it and have an organized plan, you can gain momentum — and ideally, more book sales!

Share Your Authentic Self On Social Media
When you’re building your social media strategy, it’s a bad idea to focus on self-promotion. That’s not why readers — and people in general — use social media. They do it for connection, not for commerce. When it comes to social media, you need to be authentic.

Book Marketing and Social Media Promotion: My Self-Publishing Experience
This is the second part of a 10-part series in which I detail the entire experience of self publishing my book. The goal is to offer tips and strategies so you can learn from my successes and mistakes. This week: marketing.

I’m An Author… Do I Need A Blog?
Some say authors should blog for the simple reason that it helps you write more consistently. Blogs build connections and experience. They also take time away from your other activities — like writing your next book. So… do you need a blog?

How To Use Tumblr To Promote Your Book
Tumblr is a huge (and growing) platform that is an interesting mix of social media and micro-blog. It’s perfect for authors looking to promote their books.

10 Things You Should Stop Doing on Social Media … Immediately!
As an author embarking on social media promotion, it’s imperative that you develop a content strategy plan and avoid doing things online that will repulse — rather than attract — an audience.

How To Reach Readers Through Mobile Book Marketing
By investing time in your mobile book marketing now, you’re setting up your author brand for the future. Your readers are already on mobile, so what are you waiting for?

How To Improve Your Author Website
Your author website is a reflection of you as a writer and of your book as a work of art. It pays to make sure it is as enticing as the story you’ve spent months (or years) laboring over. Here are six ways to improve your author website.

Making Magic With Twitter Hashtags
Judging from questions I get in my inbox, many people don’t understand Twitter hashtags. Maybe they are just plain annoyed by them, but they can be useful in your book marketing.

Six Social Media Marketing Tips For First-Time Authors
If you’re looking for readership and engagement, finishing your book is the first step. These social media marketing tips can help you frame your approach to the process of promoting yourself and your work online.

Three Digital Marketing Strategies for Self-published Authors
Are you in need of marketing guidance? These digital marketing strategies for self-published authors can get you started with your online book marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Authors
Shama Hyder joined our September #BBchat to talk about social media marketing for authors.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Author Platform and Sell Your Book
Growing an author platform online takes planning, time, and effort – but it’s not at all difficult. With a little know-how you can build an online community of your own.

Book Discovery Sites Can Help You Find More Readers
Enlisting a book discovery service promoting cheap or free eBooks to a subscriber list – or helping you to boost your own social media efforts – is one way to get readers, reviews, more social networking, and a kick-start to your book sales.

Your Online Reputation And Author Brand
Your online reputation can be your most powerful marketing tool and beacon for your author brand, as long as it’s properly monitored.

Use Your Author Blog As A Hub For Social Media Promotion
Joel Friedlander joined our March #BBchat to talk about using your author blog as a social media hub to engage readers.

Blogging for authors: How to boost reader engagement
Engagement is what turns casual readers into regular subscribers and subscribers into raving fans. What are you doing to engage readers?

Simple Instagram Tips For Authors
Ready to jump in and start an Instagram profile? Author coach Shelley Hitz shares five Instagram tips for authors getting started on this visual social media platform.

Nine Things Authors Should Be Doing On Twitter Right Now
Social media marketing doesn’t always play to most writers’ strengths, but having a plan and a goal can help you effectively market your book on Twitter.

How To Lose Fans And Alienate Followers
Your social media followers aren’t there to be sold to; they want to be engaged and entertained. But you’re focused on selling your book. Where do you draw the line?

Why Podcasting Interviews Are Essential For Authors
When developing your book marketing strategies, the written word is not your only option for book promotion. Podcasting and interviews can be an effective way to reach potential readers.

Promoting Your Book On Twitter: 10 Tips For Shy Writers
From the author of Twitter For Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers come 10 tips to help you get on the Twitter train.

Promoting Your Book on Social Media — By Genre

How To Promote Poetry on Social Media
If you’re preparing to promote a book of poetry, these social media forums will open up new worlds and connect you with groups and readers likely to revel in your words.

How To Promote A Horror Book on Social Media
If you’re preparing to promote a horror book, these social media forums will open the crypt and connect you with groups and readers likely to devour your title.

How To Promote Your Romance Novel on Social Media
If you’re getting ready to promote a romance novel, this post will get you connecting with groups and forums likely to embrace your work.

How To Promote Your Mystery Book on Social Media
If you’re preparing to promote your mystery book, these links and pages will get you off the ground connecting with groups and forums likely to embrace your title.

How to promote your science fiction book on social media
If you’re getting ready to promote your science fiction book, this post will get you started connecting with groups and forums likely to embrace your work.

How to Promote a Young Adult Novel on Social Media
When you’re ready to promote a Young Adult novel, these links and pages will get you connecting with online groups and forums likely to embrace your title.

How To Promote Your Christian Fiction Book on Social Media
If you’re promoting your Christian fiction book, these links and pages will get you off the ground connecting with groups and forums likely to embrace your title.

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