We’re Not Perfect, But We’ll Guarantee Your Satisfaction

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We work hard to provide the best service and most knowledgeable specialists in the self publishing field, and we’re ready to put our reputation on the line.

News flash: BookBaby publishing specialists are not perfect. Nor is the rest of the team that makes up the BookBaby family.

Then again, nobody is. I guess we don’t need to alert CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and every other media outlet after all.

My point in stating the obvious is less about announcing the fact, and more about owning up to our responsibilities. It’s what every good and reputable company should do, especially in the self publishing world.

Make no mistake: Our pros in our Portland and Philadelphia offices are very good – exceptional, even. From eBook conversion, to printed book production, to worldwide distribution, they are every author’s go-to source of information and help. These aren’t commission-based sales people. These folks are dedicated professionals who have years of experience in both digital and printed book publishing and distribution.

Thanks to them, the vast majority of our book projects flow smoothly through our system. But every once in a while … well, let’s just say that sometimes, things can go wrong. When they do, we do everything we can to right the wrong. I spent time last week helping to resolve one such issue – just one of the many dozens of projects we were working on that day.

Like I said at the top, we’re not perfect.

And that’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If we can’t make it right or find a fix, we’ll promptly refund any fees.

Of course, it’s one thing for the company president to loudly proclaim that BookBaby knows its stuff, guarantees its work, you’re going to love us, etc. But what do our customers say? What would happen if we invited them to write reviews of our company and post them for all the world to see? What would they say?

Well, you can see for yourself, BookBaby has enlisted the services of Trustpilot, a neutral third-party review community. Customers share unbiased reviews of thousands of companies, including BookBaby, so that readers can make informed decisions. Click here and read the reviews from actual BookBaby customers. We’ve received almost 100 reviews in the few short months since we’ve signed up!

As you’ll see, not every order goes perfectly. But you can see the vast majority of folks commenting are saying great things about their self publishing experience. We think it’s important to put our reputation on the line in a very public way so that authors can feel confident in choosing BookBaby for their literary pursuits.

Authors have a lot of choices when it comes to self publishing, ranging from complete do-it-yourself choices to full service, concierge-like options. You’ll need to do your homework to determine which is best for you.

Here’s one of the most important ways you can accomplish this: As you examine each potential self publishing company to partner with, you should ask three questions:

  1. Do they offer a strong money-back guarantee for all their products and services?
  2. Do they have a team of local publishing specialists available to answer questions via phone calls and emails, or is it only a high-pressure sales team?
  3. Do they publish unbiased reviews of their company and its services on a third-party review website?

When it comes to BookBaby, the answer for all three questions is an unqualified “YES.”

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Steven Spatz
Steven Spatz is a writer, marketer, and the President of BookBaby, the nation’s leading self publishing services company. Spatz’s professional writing career began at age 13, paid by the word to bang out little league baseball game stories on an ancient manual typewriter for southern Oregon weekly newspapers. His journalism career continued after graduation from the University of Oregon at several daily newspapers in Oregon. When his family took over a direct marketing food business, Spatz redirected his writing and design skills into producing catalogs. The Pinnacle Orchards catalog was named "Best Food Catalog," received dozens of other national awards, and the business grew into one of the nation’s largest gourmet fruit gift businesses. After the company was sold, Spatz continued his direct marketing career with Fortune 500 companies including Mattel and Hasbro. He joined AVL Digital in 2004 to lead the direct-to-consumer marketing teams for music industry-leading brands Disc Makers, Oasis, and CD Baby. After serving as Chief Marketing Officer, Spatz was tapped to lead the company’s new publishing division in late 2014. In 2019, the AVL Digital Management team purchased the New Jersey brands, including BookBaby. The company is headquartered in Pennsauken, NJ (just outside Philadelphia, PA) and meets the printed book and eBook needs of thousands of self-publishing authors around the globe. Spatz lives in Glenside, PA with his two children, a demented cat, and some well-used bicycles. Steven loves to hear from authors, editors, and publishers in the BookBaby community with tales of publishing trials and triumphs. To tell him your story, write to steven@bookbaby.com.



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