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The End – Now What?! 6 Steps to Take Your Manuscript to Marketplace in 6 Weeks is an eBook to help you set a self-publishing strategy. Download your free copy today!

self-publishing strategy It’s finished! My new eBook, The End – Now What?!, is full of budgeting, manuscript, and publishing advice for authors looking for a self-publishing strategy.

Believe me, I know, getting your book published can be a long and daunting process. That’s the very simple reason why I wrote The End – Now What?! I’ve talked to hundreds of authors from all walks of life about their self-publishing experiences, both the good and not-so-good journeys. I’ve combined dozens of their stories in this book, along with some great tips and tricks from New York Times bestselling authors Hugh Howey and Dani Shapiro.

The result is a step-by-step self-publishing strategy for writers that breaks the process down into six bite-size portions that any author – yes, even you – can master.

This book sells for $12.99, but we’re offering you a free download. You can choose between ePub, .mobi, or PDF format.

Since being named BookBaby president last October, I think my favorite part of the position is hearing from you – authors, editors, and publishers in our community – with tales of publishing trials and triumphs.

Tell me your story – write me at or post a comment below. And download your free copy of my book!

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