1. Thanks for the article. I agree, our sales (esp. print books) are up during those months. Do you have a reference for this statistic?

    “Online and brick-and-mortar book retailers report that over 41% of all printed and eBooks are purchased during the critical time frame of November 15 to January 15, including online gift certificate redemption. It truly ‘tis the season to find your readers – the ones who have their wallets open for holiday gift giving.”

  2. I have self-published 3 books which are on Amazon (both ebooks and Print on Demand paperbacks, all computer themed focusing on Microsoft Office. Can you let me know what services you offering for marketing?

    On another note, I have several other books I’m working on, and I would like to talk to someone about your services (vs. use of createspace and KDP which I have been using). You mentioned other platforms such as Barnes and Noble, etc but if I am enrolled with KDP Select to setup Preorders, that does not allow me to sell on other places, only Amazon, so I wanted clarification if your services are different.

    Finally I wanted to know some estimated costs on your services.

    Thank you.

  3. It would be handy to have this information in a single page printable document to tape up on multiple walls to remind me to get things done.

  4. I’m on the process of completing my manuscript. Having spoken with a BB representative, I’m already impressed with their personal approach. I’m eager to have the support and services of Book Baby.


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