Finding Your Ideal Readers – Steven Spatz podcast interview

The Author Hangout podcast with Steven Spatz

BookBaby president Steven Spatz joins The Author Hangout and host Shawn Manaher to discuss book marketing, social media, and finding your ideal reader.

The Author Hangout is a podcast designed to help self-published and indie authors market their books and improve their author platform. In their 39th episode, BookBaby President Steven Spatz joins host Shawn Manaher to discuss book marketing, social media, and the steps that you can take to find your ideal reader.

Listen to the full podcast here.

book marketing advice

What are some things that authors may not be thinking about when it comes to promoting a book?

“There’s a lot of material out there about book marketing, and a lot of people say many of the same things. One of the things you should probably guard against is not to overload yourself and think, “Okay, I’m going to do 20 things to promote my books.” Rather, choose to say, “I want to do a few things and I want to do them really well.”

The most successful self-published authors in BookBaby, they choose the marketing that they feel the most comfortable with. A lot of times authors are not marketers. Although that’s what I am, I kind of understand both the yin and the yang of it, but authors, there’s a wide spectrum of choices for you to promote your book – from going out and soliciting reviews, to looking for book signings, to looking for opportunities to speak at places. I advise authors to pick the two or three things they are most comfortable with, that’s natural for them to do. If somebody doesn’t like to speak in public, well they probably don’t want to do book signings or appear on panels or things like that. If another person like to get out and mingle with people, maybe that’s the way for them to do it.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

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