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From building a website to embracing social media, from holding a contest to starting a blog, here are 10 ways you can build momentum, publicity, and attention as you promote your self-published book.

Infographic: How To Promote Your Self-Published Book


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23 thoughts on “10 ways to promote your self-published book [Infographic]

  1. I am interested in blogging. How do I start. I’m new to Book Baby. I have 4,000 + books out there of the same title and content that I have now submitted to Book Baby. Further 3,000 are printed in India.

    1. Andre Calilhanna says:

      Hi Bob. Here are a number of posts we have on blogging. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

    2. Dean Eden says:

      Hi Bob

      If you want to start blogging a good place to start is at You can create a free blog. You can also pay for extras like a custom domain.

      If you want to invest more time and money into your blog you can look into This will give you a more flexible blog with more features, but you may not need them.

      The main thing is to provide valuable posts to your readers. Post about your books and related subjects.

    3. Barbara Davis says:

      Bob, where and how did you find your publisher in India? Would appreciate knowing.

  2. Soji says:

    Informative! Concise and quite inspiring.

  3. Wanda says:

    I love the Infographics! These are great steps broken down into something that feels do-able. I’m a newly self-published children’s author and thought I had a marketing plan before my book came out, but I really knew nothing about marketing. A year and a half in, I’ve met some awesome Indie Authors and I’ve learned so much. But sometimes, I come across a list that is so daunting of how to promote my book that I just close the list and sit in bewilderment. Thank you for giving me something I feel I can actually do.

  4. Thanks for the great information. Have a great weekend!!!
    Valerie B., Writer

  5. I like this article so much. It has opened my eyes to 10 ways to promote my book.

    Many thanks.

    Victor Anya

  6. James Lee says:

    I have done most of these except, #5 Contest, #8 Radio, and #9 Book Clubs. I’ve found #10 Book Stores the most enjoyable. You can find local book stores on where you can ask if they will carry your book. Once you get your book into one or more stores then you’ll need to hit social media and tell all of your friends to get the word out.

    1. shoner says:

      Awesome advice on indie book stores

  7. Angela Hoy says:

    Many publishing services firms upsell authors on expensive marketing services that usually cost more than any resulting book sales will bring in. For a DIY approach, see 90+ Days of Promoting Your Book Online: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan. It’s on Amazon.

  8. Alicea says:

    I am actually on the stage 3, trying to figure out, what kind of newsletter is the best to choose. There are so many of them, that I feel lost in here. Now thinking about a bit not so trendy – Mailerlite (, but still don’t know if I should take this or better take most popular like MailChimp ( What newsletter is the best to use or there is no big difference?

  9. Any help is appreciated!

  10. Hotdogtopus says:

    This post is still relevant today. Will there be an update or has nothing changed?

    1. Willow says:

      Almost everything has changed! The information sounded very dated and a huge waste of an author’s time when they should be writing the next book!

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