10 perfectly normal struggles when writing a novel [infographic]

writing a novel

Do you agonize over your titles? Are your friends worried about you because you don’t emerge from your office for days? Are you constantly rewriting?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Warren Adler, who has published more than 30 novels and short story collections in his 40 years as a published author, lifts the veil in this infographic on some of the writing struggles he has learned to accept as part of the process of writing a novel.


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  1. Thanks for these great notes, Warren! I wanted to share my take on Number Seven. I keep a dictaphone next to the bed, so that when I get a great idea I can speak it quickly rather than trying to repeat it fifty times so that I will remember it the next morning. This little trick has worked wonderfully for me, allowing me to go back to sleep peacefully and not waking my wife by turning on the light to write notes. Night-night!

  2. I can identify with so many of the above points. Wow. Been there done that. An interesting thing about my title for what I am writing now. I always research to make sure no one else has my title. I thought for ages for a title and when I came up with a really cool sounding title and no one else had used it I had another massive problem. It did not actually go with the story I was writing. So a changed one aspect of the story (it was rather complicated to do though a really neat plot twist resulted as a consequence) to fit in with my really cool title. I’m sure this doesn’t usually happen. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a title. A working title is a good idea. However it fills a gap until just the right one comes to mind.

  3. Perfectly written!
    It is always good to read such stuff.It motivates as well as gives information that helps a lot while writing.

    Thanks Warren!


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