What makes a great BookShop page?


What makes a great BookShop page?A potential reader has landed on your BookShop page by either:

* linking from a website, email newsletter, or social media.

* searching for you, your book, or related subject matter online.

Remember, BookShop is where you stand to make the most profit from your eBook sales (since BookBaby only keeps 15%).

So congrats on getting people to your BookShop page; now it’s time to make a great first impression, and a sale!

How to optimize your BookShop page to capture the most sales

1. You need a striking book cover

It’s the first thing someone sees — because it’s HUGE. And that’s good. BookShop puts the attention where it should be, on YOUR book.

Hopefully your book cover makes people want to read more about it. If so, well done. If not, you still have time to capture a visitor’s imagination when you…

2. Write an evocative “overview”

Describe your book in one or two sentences. It’s not a book report or summary. It’s a teaser. Appeal to the senses. Establish expectations, but hint at how your book will defy them.

Once you’ve written an overview you like, ask your readers and friends what they think. Did their eyes glaze over? Keep revising your overview. Did they light up with curiosity? Great!

See our article “How to write jacket copy that will help sell your book” for some tips.

3. Craft a killer book description

OK. Now you can go into a little more detail about your book, your creative process, the reason why the book exists, and anything else you think will interest readers.

For some pointers, check out “How to write a captivating book description.

4. Make your author bio interesting

Your BookShop’s “About the author” section can be a list of publications, degrees, or professional credentials. But it should do more than that. It should give readers a glimpse of your personality (generosity, snark, brooding, effervescent, etc.)

Need help? Check out “How to write a great author bio.”

5. Double-check your website link

External links from your BookShop page should be current and active. No dead links! No stale links!

6. Make sure your metadata is accurate

The details about your book (genre, page count, publication date, etc.) will help someone decide whether they want to buy your book or not. Don’t lead them astray with bad info.

7. Write a great book

Ultimately, this is what it’s all about.

Until someone has actually read the first sentence of your book, the book is the LAST thing that matters. Once they’re reading, of course, the book is the ONLY thing that matters. So make it count.

As a customer, what do you look for when you’re thinking about buying a book? As an author, how have you tried to attract readers with BookShop? Let me know in the comments below.

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