What is a writing residency and how can I get one?

What is a writing residency and how can I get one?Imagine a place where you can write day and night, far from the responsibilities of your work and domestic life. A quiet place. Maybe in a cabin near a river. Maybe on the porch of some historic seaside inn. Maybe a small room in some new, exciting city.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Sure it does.

If you’re feeling like you need to “get away” in order to take your book or poetry project to the next level, a writing residency might be just the thing.

According to THIS ARTICLE from The Review Review, a¬†writing residency is “a retreat experience designed to help writers pursue their creative growth. Residencies provide a place for writers to step out of their regular routine and focus on their work without the disruptions of daily life. Most residencies are hosted by non-profit organizations and are located in quiet spots around the country.”

The article gives some great advice on finding the right residency for you, how to apply, and how to prepare. Check out “Writing Residency 101” on TheReviewReview.net.

Also, if a traditional writing residency isn’t in the cards, see our tips on how to plan your own stay-at-home writing retreat.