Killer writing tools that will help you get the job done


Tools for writingIf you’re a writer that has to create web content on a deadline (freelancer, student, staff writer, etc.), you probably need some special tools to get the job done right.

Below is a list of tools to help online writers submit work on time, create better content, and share their writing with a wider audience

After the Deadline —This is an elementary software, compatible with WordPress and other writing applications, that checks your text for spelling and grammar mistakes. You will still have to proofread your texts, but After the Deadline is a good last-minute solution when you’re in a hurry.

WordPress — The blogging platform WordPress is the most used tool for online writing. WordPress offers a large number of features, so you’ll want to take some time to learn the basics. Also, if you’re most comfortable using WordPress for your website/blogging/content-creation needs, HostBaby can help you host a WordPress site.

WordCounter — Knowing the exact number of words and symbols in a text is extremely important for writers. Nuances make a huge difference, which is why everyone needs a precise word-count tool that goes beyond the basic features of popular word processors. Check out the new WordCounter tool by essay writing service NinjaEssays!

Social media automation tools

These tools are vital for those who use multiple social networks. They help you manage the presence of your content – and give you data that will help you make smarter decisions about when and where to post it. The most popular tools are Buffer and HootSuite.

Buffer is a tool that allows you to share your posts and to select the best content using one simple application.

HootSuite has similar features, but is more complex. With its help you can also see the posts of your friends, followers, fellow writers, and more.


As a professional writer, you need to be in touch with the most relevant news from your field of interest. There are way too many important newspapers and blogs and you cannot track them all. This is why you need a tool to help you out. Feedly, for example, is able to gather them all in one place and send them to a mobile application.


Markdown is a great tool for digital writing; users can utilize special characters to pre-format lists, links, headings and various web styles, without using HTML.

After finishing the document in Markdown, you can easily convert it to HTML with the help of a plugin.

Quality word processors

An online writer needs to work with something other than just Word. Scrivener, for example, is great for those who want to write longer texts. IA Writer is a good solution for people who want to concentrate only on their writing.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.

This is not a technological tool, but a book. It counts less than 100 pages and it teaches you the essential aspects of writing.

Digital Libraries

Evernote and Pocket are great tools for saving interesting books and articles. You can come back here whenever you need more information or a reference.


Analytics is a tool from Google that provides you data on how your web content is performing. Use it to find out how many people have visited your blog, which post is most popular and which one has the fewest views. Also, see where the readers came from, what they did on the site, and which social media network provided most traffic.

Cloud Storage

Save your projects online! In this way, they will be safe and you will be able to continue your work from any location. Try Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Sky Drive.

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