Book reviews for self-published authors: what you need to know

Book reviews for self-published authors

Book reviews: You want ’em. You need ’em. You hope they’re glowing. You think they’ll help you get to the next phase of your writing career. And you might be right!

How do you know if your self-published book is ready to be reviewed? What outlets give book reviews in the first place? Are Amazon reviews really that important? And what do you do if you get a bad review?

The following articles about independent book reviews will help answer these questions and more:

  1. Get reviews for your self-published book – Here is a list of places that review self-published books.
  2. Why your last book didn’t get reviewed – Did you release it into the world with grand expectations — only to be ignored by the media, critics, and book bloggers?
  3. How you can benefit from a negative review – Negative book reviews are a fact of life. They will happen. But being prepared for such an experience doesn’t make the pain any less real.
  4. Authors BEWARE: get your book edited before you get it reviewed! – All the long, lonely hours that you spent at your keyboard will have been wasted if you don’t get your book professionally edited.
  5. How to get your book reviewed on Amazon by top customer reviewers – Amazon’s top customer reviewers can make a huge impact… even if you already have dozens of great miscellaneous customer reviews on Amazon.
  6. Six must-read articles about book reviews – Whether you write them, read them, or — yes — BUY them, how do you determine the value of a book review?

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What have you personally done to boost your book reviews? Let us know in the comments section below.

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