Online tools that will help you revise your writing

Online tools to revise your work

Hiring an editor is an important step in publishing a book-length manuscript. And now BookBaby offers an affordable editing service for authors. But for smaller projects — short stories, essays, academic assignments —it’s not always possible to get a professional editor to check your grammar and structure before submitting. But you can still bring your writing skills to perfection when you access the right tools.

These tools can help you learn a thing or two about how you write and how you can improve your style, but they will also add some fun to the concept of writing:

1. I Write Like

Are you wondering how much your work is influenced by a famous writer? Simply paste your text in the designated field and this tool will analyze your writing style and choice of words, after which it will compare the piece to the work of some of the most famous writers in the world.

You can enter any text in English to play around with this tool. It can be your academic paper, MA thesis, a blog entry, or the book you are working on. Although the main purpose of this tool is to add some fun to the concept of writing, it can also help you improve your style by exploring more unique manners of expression.

2. Hemingway App

Have you ever paid attention to Ernest Hemingway’s style? He was always cut straight to the point without rambling around and confusing the writer with unnecessary words. This app will help you bring your writing style as close to perfection as it gets.

When you see a sentence highlighted in yellow, you are advised to split it or shorten it to make it clearer. The red highlight is an indication of an extremely complicated and dense sentence that will lose the reader’s attention. Make sure to edit such sentences and remove all red highlights from your content.

3. Writer’s Diet

Your writing should be just as you want your girlfriends/boyfriends to be – fit and lean. This is an automated feedback tool that will test your content and let you know whether it’s flabby or fit. What this means is that Writer’s Diet will tell you which words and phrases you should get rid of in order to make your writing clearer and more captivating.

4. The Up-Goer Five Text Editor

So you think that 1000 words are enough to elaborate a topic? Try being limited to ten hundred specific words and use only those common terms to explain your concept. The idea behind this tool is to help you understand that writing in plain language is not as easy as it seems, but it’s exactly what most readers appreciate.

5. Ninja Essays

With the assistance of this essay writing help site, expert editing services are no longer reserved for professional writers only. You don’t have to work for a huge publisher in order to get a professional editor to check your writing, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay a small fortune to get your content brought to perfection.

With the professional assistance of Ninja Essays, your sentences will flow effortlessly. You can also get professional essay help at this website and see how impressive academic writing is done by an expert.

[Note: for help editing your book-length novel or non-fiction manuscript, check out BookBaby’s Editing Service. For more information, watch the BookBaby Editing Video!]

Enjoy your writing tasks with the coolest tools ever!

Have in mind that most above-mentioned tools, with the exception of Ninja Essays, are not meant to substitute for an actual editor, but can help you edit your own content. Editing may be the last thing that inspires you, but these tools will enable you to approach this phase without the usual prejudices.

Bio: Robert Morris writes about college and career selection. He thinks a lot about higher education: is the system broken? How does it need to change? How will anyone be able to afford to go to college in five years? Robert has spoken and written about these issues for seven years. Find him on Google+!

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