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Book tour!

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If you’re a self-published author or you’ve got a book out on a small press, you’re probably not going to embark upon a national reading tour on someone else’s dime. Heck, even if your book was published by FSG you might not get any financial or logistical help when it comes to planning a book tour. No, you’re going to have to organize and pay for your own book tour, the D.I.Y. way.

Now you’re wondering, “Is it worth the effort? Will I sell any books? What are some common book tour mistakes, and how can I avoid them?”

Plenty of authors have booked successful multi-city reading tours on their own. Lucky for us, some of them have written all about those experiences.

A few articles by authors on how to plan your own book promotion tour

1. Setting up a book tour, by Éireann Lorsung

2. Book Promo 101: the book tour, by Midge Raymond

3. Book Tours: 7 Things I Learned About Marketing Books, by Mike Mullin

4. How to Set Up and Do a Book Promotion Tour on Your Own, by Jeannete Belliveau

Have you set up your own book tour? How many cities? How did it go? What would you do differently next time? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. […] Book Tours are super helpful. I took both Synarchy novels on a book tour and it was instrumental in helping me generate reviews which are critical to helping you not only sell your book but marketing youself. When you’re pitching to radio shows and the like good book reviews go a long way and a Book Tour in my experience has been one of the best ways to get them and raise awareness. Here’s an article with some links and tips on Setting up your own book tour […]


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