Passion, purpose, and power: a pep-talk for writers


I just got back from a writer’s conference. I love going to them. I love speaking there and helping other authors. But I’m tired. I’m an introvert. As I wade through all the post-conference activities of following up with all the cool folks I met and getting back to the business of running my business, I also want to get back to my writing.

But I feel depleted. What’s a girl to do?

I have to get in touch with my true purpose for my own fiction, connect with the passion for my story, and there I will find the power to get writing.

What is your true purpose for your writing?

When all is said and done, regardless of what the world thinks of your work, would you keep writing? I would. Some writers I’ve worked with say that if their story only touches one person they have done their work, they have left their mark upon the world. I know that if I can inspire one writer and empower one girl or woman to take charge of her life because she read my fiction, I have done what I came here for.

Good writing is full of heart and connects from one heart and mind to another. What are you passionate about? Does it come across in your writing?

One of my clients is passionate about the underdog in boxing and writes compelling tales set in gritty 1950s LA. Her love of the sport and the times comes through in her fiction.

I’m passionate about exploring the responsibilities and choices of a strong young woman. How can she be a true hero in the face of her inner demons?

So, are you writing about the things that fire you up?

Lastly, what are you focused on?

You may have heard, “What you focus on grows.” You can choose to be focused on what’s difficult, or you can be focused on solutions. Even the smallest step pays off.

Are you stuck in your writing? Acknowledge where you are and what you’re feeling; feel it, then focus on spending a minimum of twenty minutes writing. Just get moving and allow yourself to write whatever, however. Progress not perfection.

Are you confused about all your publishing and book marketing options? Then get clear about your main purpose, your passion, and also your goal. Write it down. What is the smallest step you can take today, now, in the next twenty minutes that will move you toward that goal?

We writers have the power to change the world! Let’s start today.

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