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Joel Friedlander: The Book Designer

Printed Book Design 101

Making a printed book isn’t easy… unless you read this guide.

Even though printed books have existed for over 500 years, they are far more complex to prepare than eBooks. Be it fonts, margins, design templates or printer specifications, there’s a whole host of important details you need to focus on when producing a printed book.

That’s why BookBaby asked self-publishing expert Joel Friedlander to create its new guide: Printed Book Design 101 . Friedlander is the author of the best-selling “A Self-Publisher’s Companion — Expert Advice for Authors Who Want To Publish” and blogs from his own site (

In Printed Book Design 101, Friedlander walks you through the whole process and helps you produce a great-looking, retail-ready book. Friedlander covers topics such as:

  • Picking the perfect typeface
  • Enhance the readability of your book with interior design
  • Catch the reader’s eye with cover design tips from the pros
  • The most common mistakes made by self publishing authors, and how you can avoid them.
  • …and much more

Ready to start designing your own printed book? Let self publishing authority Joel Friedlander be your guide!

Printed Book Design 101

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