How to Sell Your Printed Books: Tips from Teresa L. Irvin


How to Sell Physical BooksBookBaby Print Services’ Author-of-the-Month: Teresa L. Irvin

We spend lots of time on this blog talking about how to promote and sell eBooks. so we thought it’d be a good idea to offer periodic tips on how to sell physical books too!

And who better to ask for advice on this topic than independent authors who’ve returned to BookBaby for multiple printings of their book. They’re obviously doing something right, right?

In this author-of-the-month series, we ask writers who have a proven sales history to give us a few tips and tricks on how they attracted attention to their book, and how they converted that attention into sales. Not all of their advice will apply to you, but you might find a few good promotion ideas you haven’t tried yet.

This month, we hear from…

Teresa L. Irvin, author of I Want to Know How to Grow

I’ve been a busy lady!

Besides utilizing social media, blogs and websites pertaining to children, parents and grandparents, and having a website of my own, I’ve mailed I Want To Know How To Grow to children’s magazines and organizations to review and been eaten alive by mosquito’s set-up outdoors selling books at festivals.

I’ve sat for hours at an assigned table inside a church and at a coffee café offering the book for sale.

My post card-size promo cards are posted all over town. I’ve done giveaways to co-workers, friends, neighbors, family members and total strangers I’ve engaged into conversations with for word-of-mouth.

I recently presented my press kit to a local bookstore and our local newspaper to review. I created a PowerPoint presentation for teachers to use along with the book to teach children each lesson as part of a daily curriculum.

I was too late to acquire a booth at the 2012 Miami Book Fair International, but I went anyway to distribute my press kit, network, make contacts, and to learn.

I recently paid a small fee to Smith Publicity to have my children’s picture book displayed at the 2013 ALA Mid-Winter Show to be attended by thousands of librarians.

I’ve even attended a puppet show at a nearby church to promote the book.

I’m also developing a business plan with hopes of acquiring the funding needed to create a coloring book and a sticker book that flows from my book that may make the lessons even more interesting to learn, and as a method used for those who learn best through activities performed.

The book was self-published in February, 2012. It’s been a true learning experience and an adventurous journey for the fulfillment of my hopes to inspire as many children as I can to life’s good choices.

Hummm, what’s next? School visits!

To read more about Teresa, visit her website.

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