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Online Writing Workshop4 ways to improve your writing through an online writing workshop

Writing is by nature a solitary profession. Whether you’re just starting to explore your love of words or are wrapping up a novel, you can benefit from online writing workshops. They offer numerous benefits to writers at all levels and can give your creativity a boost. Consider these ways you will be able to harness your creative writing powers by participating in one right now.

1. You have a set schedule for writing

Writing is like a muscle. If you don’t exercise regularly, you get flabby. At the beginning of a new workout schedule, most people are very enthusiastic. They tend to lose interest within the first month or so when distractions get in the way or their muscles start to protest. Joining a fitness class or playing a team sport is one way to stay on track. You have other people to keep you accountable.

You need to learn to exercise your writing muscle on a regular schedule. Signing up for an online writer’s workshop means you will be working at your craft even on days when the words don’t come easily, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can gain the skills necessary to work through times when you struggle to find the right way to express yourself or you just get something down, knowing that you can come back to it later when your creativity well is a bit higher.

2. You can get ideas and inspiration from other writers

Everyone who attends the online writing workshop is drawn there by a love of words, and each person has their own story to tell. As your fellow writers share their stories, you will learn about how they approach their writing, structure their work, and deal with the same kinds of issues that you come across.

Attend the online sessions with an open mind. Each person who is attending is a walking history book. They bring their own perspective to the table when they attend writers’ workshops. Listen as they share details about their own lives and how they see the world. You may find yourself seeing the world and your writing in a fresh way as a result.

3. You can try something new

Have you felt stuck in a rut with your writing? Is there a particular genre you are curious about or always wanted to try? Consider an online writing workshop to get your feet wet. Everyone who is enrolled in the workshop is there for the same reason you are, and that is to learn.

If we go back to the idea of your creativity as a muscle, even world-class athletes need to have some variety in their training schedule or they will become bored. Sometimes you need to shake things up in your writing and challenge yourself a bit. If you never try anything new or different, how will you ever stretch and grow?

4. You learn to turn off your inner critic

Creativity is not something that you can turn on and off like a switch. Many writers are their own worst critics, and it’s hard to let the creativity flow when you are busy listening to your inner critic. Getting feedback from other writers can help you understand where the strengths lie in your work, and that you are a talented writer.

You’ll be able to take these positive words and just focus on saying what you would like to say, without letting fear of how your work will be perceived hold you back. You’ll be more likely to let your creativity flow, which is what you want to do as a writer. There will be enough critics who come from outside of yourself that you don’t need to start the process before you put pen to paper or type them on your keyboard.


If you are looking for ways to give your creativity a big boost, consider signing up for one of the online writing workshops available now. They are available in specific niches so that you can choose the area you are most interested in. You’ll meet some wonderful people, and you already have something in common with them. Don’t hold back on your creativity; sign up for a workshop and let it reach its full potential!

For more info, check out Critique Circle: The Online Writing Workshop and (for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc.).

What online writing workshops would you recommend? Let us know in the comments section below.

[This post was written by guest contributor Leslie Anglesey. Leslie works in the University of Southern California and is a part-time editor at EssayTigers, an essay writing service. Apart from academic life she loves spending time with her family and dogs.]

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