Your Book Needs Editing, and Here’s Why…

Your book needs editing

Your manuscript isn’t perfect, but don’t feel ashamed. Every writer needs an editor. Here are 3 reasons why your book will benefit from professional editing.

It took Ezra Pound’s editing skills to turn T.S. Eliot’s early drafts into the The Waste Land that we all know and love today. We all know and love The Waste Land, right?!

A caring, careful collaboration between writer and editor can make a good book great. Why?

1. You’re too close to your book

After all the time, effort, and creative energy it took to “finish” writing your book, you’ll be spinning between moods of elation, self-doubt, delusions of grandeur, and shame. The alternating anxiety and buzz of near-completion can cause you to rush through things and make justifications for imperfections that you’d otherwise have caught and fixed.

You have high hopes, and the idea of turning back to redraft your writing now is almost sickening. But don’t let yourself be fooled by how close the finish-line appears. Now, more than ever, it’s important to get a second set of eyes on that manuscript. If you’ve spent a year or more writing the book, what’s another couple months to do it right!? Don’t be a bad parent: nurture your book to the best of your ability!

A professional book editor will be able to spot problem areas in plot, character, continuity, tone, and more.

2. You’re not always your own best marketer

An editor who knows what works and what sells in your chosen genre will be able to help you make both creative and strategic decisions that will give your book a better chance of success in the marketplace. Should you cut 3 chapters to make sure it’s less than 250 pages? Is your title going to give the wrong impression to readers? An editor will encourage you to consider factors you didn’t even know would make a difference.

They may also be able to play some role in connecting you with agents, publishers, publicists, and readers (though that is never guaranteed).

3. Spellcheck doesn’t dot all your i’s or cross all your t’s

You’d think they would—but computers don’t catch every grammatical, syntactical, or spelling issue. A trained eye can catch errors in your manuscript you’ve overlooked a hundred times. Working with a professional editor will save you the embarrassment of someone posting on your Facebook page 6 months from now saying, “Hey, you slacker—I found typos on page 78, 112, and 204!”


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  1. Thanks for the article, I found it helpful. As I am a beginner (I am finishing my first book), I am approaching the moment when I will need to find “the right editor” for my first novel. I have come to realize that finding the right person to edit it with is crucial for the future success of the book. So, logically, I am trying to figure out HOW to find the best editor for my book.
    Any ideas about the criteria with which I should do my search? How should I approach the editors to be able to make the best choice?
    Thank you.

  2. I have a friend who does poetry editing on the side, and I’m thinking about getting someone more established to look over it again. if you were to do this, how would you approach it to make sure you get the best results

  3. Hi, my name is Tonya and I am also wrting my first book. I know how hard we can be on yourself in writing for the first time I.writing I know I need an editing person because my book is a true story and is can be funny or what was she thing kind of book. It book it is about my Alaska Adventure, to me it was hell, to my husband it was a Adventure.. It has many twits and turn of how much we were so unprepared we really were when we drove the Alcan Highway. Not to mention when we got there. It is so much carouse for me. I can not even tell you how hard it was on me in a 18 foot trailer with 4 little girls and 2,dogs weighing 80 pond each. Oh and the babysitter. It was crazy to say the least. I live in a tent and a cabin with no running water, no electrify, and no out house. The cabin in- side was a blank walls and there was nothing but a 50 gallon barrel turned on it side for a fire stove, I guessed that was for. Absolutely nothing inside , it was a walls that’s all. I followed my man to the end of the earth and left 3 years later. So, in-between those years is a hell of a true story. I know I need a editor for sure. My book has all the picture’s to back up my story. Also, I have done my autobiography, plus back of book done.and 3 creditability letters.. I also put a history and map of the Alcan highway. But what do I need to do to get to the right editor?.


    Tonya Secrest


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