How to Make Your eBook More Salable


[This post was written by guest contributor Patricia Fry.]

The surest way to generate sales for your eBook is to produce writing that is wanted/needed by a strong segment of readers. After all, you can’t sell something if there is no audience for it.

But the fact is, some people consider the ebook sort of a stepsister to the print book. Some authors don’t take the ebook as seriously as if they were producing a “real” book. They have this sense that they can cut corners with an ebook—give it a lick and a promise and send it out to their public as is. However, if you don’t go to the trouble of finding out what your readers want and need from an ebook in your genre or on your topic, you may miss the mark.

How do you make an ebook more salable?

  • Poll your potential readers. Spend time in their world and in their presence and ask them what they need/want from an ebook such as the one you are considering. Some authors conduct workshops and go out and speak to their readers before they start writing, using student/audience feedback to help them develop their ebooks.
  • Do a market analysis. That is, study your competition and find out what works for books in your genre. Implement those techniques and strategies. Learn what is missing from some of the books on your topic and include those aspects in yours. Evaluate how you can make your nonfiction ebook different—better.
  • For a novel, choose a genre that is currently popular and a theme that is relevant. Read books similar to the one you are writing—lots of them. And incorporate in your fiction ebook those elements that work best.

If you want to sell copies of your ebook, you need an interested audience. It is your job to know what your audience needs/wants from a book like yours, and to provide it.

A complete, detailed book proposal can help you determine the best focus of your proposed book, identify your audience, discover key aspects of your platform, recognize how to build on your platform and define a viable marketing plan. Create a book proposal early in your book project. You’ll be glad you did.


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