3 Tough Questions Every Author Should Ask Themselves About Their Book Cover

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Let’s face it – most of your readers will view your book cover art as a tiny little postage-stamp sized image on a retail website. Does it pass the test?

Put your book cover design to the test with these 3 questions:

  1. Is it big and bold? The cover design needs to clearly display the book title and author name so that they can be read even when the image is small.
  2. Does it pass the “2 second” test? Can a potential reader understand what your book is about with a quick glance at your cover? Does your design quickly convey the vibe and tone of your work? Chances are, the reader will be scrolling through a list of several thumbnail-sized books on a website. Your book needs to stand out and communicate clearly among the rest.
  3. Do you look like you belong at Barnes & Noble? If you think your writing is world class and belongs on the shelf along with the literary greats, then your cover needs to hold up its end of the bargain. Keep in mind, if your cover art looks amateurish, the customer will unfortunately assume the writing is too.

If you’ve already got a cover design that you think passes all those tests — great! If not, BookBaby has you covered.

A great book cover is one of your best sales tools, instantly conveying the key thoughts, messages and images that sum up your book. On those crowded retail websites, it’s essential for you to stand out from everyone else. A cover created by the BookBaby Design Studio will ensure you make a professional impression.

Our designers have years of experience creating packaging for authors, musicians and filmmakers, so rest assured you’ll get a cover that’s been designed with one thing in mind: Getting you more sales!

Check out our gallery of cover art examples and services at eBook cover designs and printed book cover designs.


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  1. I wonder about your “Book Cover” production when the last paragraph in your blog/ad reads,

    “AN cover created by the BookBaby Design Studio will ensure you make a professional impression.”

    Someone perhaps needs to be a bit more careful before hitting “enter”.


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