How to Promote Your eBook in Time for the Holiday Rush


[This post was written by BookBaby staff member Meghan M.]

What you need to know now to get your eBook ready!

Maybe you have a heartwarming Christmas tale for kids or an eBook full of delicious recipes for Hanukkah.  Perhaps you’ve written a book dedicated to the seven principles of Kwanzaa.  Regardless of which winter holiday your eBook is meant for, you will need to carefully plan your eBooks’ release in order to make it on time. Here are some tips from BookBaby to make sure your eBook is ready for its biggest occasion of the year:

1) Allow yourself plenty of time.

This is number one on our list because we can’t stress enough how important it is to allow lots of time for each part of the publishing process! Although we live in a digital age, the teams working on your eBook are still human. Your conversion process is going to take time, as is getting your book live at each of our retail partners.

  • To publish before Hanukkah, we recommend you submit your eBook no later than the end of September.
  • To publish before Christmas and Kwanzaa, we recommend you submit your eBook no later than mid-October.

This time frame allows at least ten business days for your conversion to take place, along with room for proofing (provided you chose our Premium package, which includes a proof of your eBook) and time for the retail partners to make your eBook live for sale. This also takes into consideration the fact that some retail partners have reduced service levels during the holidays.

Don’t worry; this timeline doesn’t necessarily mean you have no control over your publish date. When you sign up with BookBaby, the sell date you set determines when we begin delivering your eBook to our retail partners. Consider your sell date carefully. Because each of our retail partners have different timelines when it comes to making your eBook live, BookBaby cannot guarantee your book will go live on a specific date. We recommend you set this date for at least four weeks prior to the holiday to allow your eBook time to go live on each partner’s site before its big day.

2) Plan and execute your promotion and marketing ahead of time.

According to Forbes, ( eReader and tablet ownership nearly doubled last year over the holidays. Before all the brand-new tablet and eReader owners can start snapping up copies of your holiday book, they need to know it’s there! Don’t wait to start your marketing push until your eBook is live or until the holiday itself is upon you; start your marketing early and keep abreast of your eBook’s progress. You can use a tool such as a Google Alert Search to keep you notified as your eBook goes live at each retail partner after delivery.

3) Enjoy!

Now that you’ve done all your homework ahead of time, your eBook’s sales and marketing should be smooth sailing. Sit back and enjoy your holiday with friends and family, secure in the knowledge that your eBook is ready for the holiday rush.

If you have any questions about publishing your holiday eBook with BookBaby, feel free to contact our experts at 877-961-6878 Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm PST or email at

Sell your book in time for the holidays!

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