Authors Beware: Get Your Book Edited Before You Get it Reviewed!

Get your book edited before asking for reviews

All the long, lonely hours that you spent at your keyboard will have been wasted if you don’t get your book professionally edited.

[This guest post was written by the friendly book reviewers over at indieBRAG, LLC.]

You have worked hard to write your book, and thanks to the new world of self-publishing companies like BookBaby and print-on-demand technology, you can now get it published very quickly.

But before you do, consider the benefits of proper editing. All the long, lonely hours that you spent at your keyboard will have been wasted if you don’t get your manuscript professionally edited. This constitutes line editing, preferably, or proofreading at a minimum. Nothing turns off a reader more quickly than grammar or spelling errors. To paraphrase an old adage, your writing will “never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

OK, my book has been edited. Now what?

Assuming that you have done this and your book is now ready to withstand the scrutiny of the reading public, the best way to bring attention to it is through word of mouth. Focus on creating buzz! Readers often rely on what is written by book bloggers or in book reviews such as those found on Goodreads.

Here are 10 places to get your book reviewed.

Another way to attract readers is to submit your book for consideration at, an online community of readers where high-quality self-published books are honored with a B.R.A.G. MedallionTM. Our point of difference is that our readers are anonymous and spread across the globe – they are not family or friends, and have no vested interest in the author or book other than helping to pick a book worth a reader’s time and money. 

Most people agree that word of mouth is what makes a book a best-seller, and that is what you need after editing – book reviews!

BookBaby Editing Services

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