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Here are a few places indie authors can go to get reviews of their works – and fans of indie books can go to get recommendations.

Amidst all the uncertainties of the digital publishing revolution, one thing is known: indie authors and independent eBooks are here to stay.

That’s a good thing if you’re an indie author or an avid reader. The prices go down for the buyer, yet writers keep a higher percentage of sales; supply and options widen, yet authors always have access to the marketplace.

According to a story by David Vinjamuri in Forbes called Publishing is Broken, We’re Drowning in Indie Books – And That’s a Good Thing (which I highly recommend you read), the only problem with the glut of available books is we’re “drowning in bad writing.”

Or more to the point – there is no trusted big daddy review-site for books.

We’ve got Rotten Tomatoes for films and Pitchfork for music, but no place to turn to when we want to get the definitive overview (is that an oxymoron?) of a book’s critical reception.


Here are a few places you can turn to in the meantime to get your books reviewed (and one of these sites may just develop into the kind of review-data powerhouse the publishing industry needs).

1. Goodreads

2. Digital Book Today

3. Self-Publishing Review


5. Indie B.R.A.G.

6. BlueInk Review

What websites do you turn to for book recommendations? Where have you gotten your independent book reviewed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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15 thoughts on “6 Places Indie Authors Can Get Their Books Reviewed

  1. James Heath says:

    The free reviews are almost impossible to get. I was placed on a half a dozen free Indie Review lists and did not receive a single one, in nearly a year. A group of us have joined together to offer low-cost, reliable Indie Book reviews at

  2. Authors & Readers receive free book reviews

  3. A.J says:

    Only one if the sites give free reviews, and that is goodreads because normal people who buy books do the reviewing.

    1. What do you charge for reviews?

  4. Endless Meghan says:

    Man. It’s hard enough setting out in an industry not saturated with blogs that review indie books, but these sites charging to review your book… please, you’re not helping.

  5. Prentiss Forsythe says:

    Be very, very careful of Indie Reviews. We had a book receive a starred review from Kirkus and was featured on their website but got absolutely whipsawed on Indie. It was clear the Indie reviewer did not read the book with the precision of the Kirkus reviewer.

  6. Nick says:

    I agree with Endless. Why in the heck do we need to pay to get books reviewed? Especially for new authors!

  7. I was also dismayed at the “fee based” review structure. As a musician, it’s like paying radio stations to play your music. It’s all the same monster, only with different heads. Thanks to you guys Aurelia and James for the links to the free reviews.

    I’m not really sure how Goodreads works. Maybe I’m just daft but It seems pretty difficult to get noticed on that sight.

    1. I agree. I couldn’t find a place to ask for a review.

  8. Hannah says:

    A friend of mine has used Fiverr for reviews … I’m not sure whether it was but one of those deals. This may work because it seems geared towards genuine promotion but I haven’t looked at this any closely. (I’m still working on my own first book and it’s taking me forever )

  9. Hello Chris. If you’re looking to extend your collection of sites, you might wanna consider adding my site. This is my main concept: Detailed book reviews revealing the essential takeaways from world-famous literature. What we read is easily forgotten in time. My curated book reviews will leave you with both a lot to think about and also a lot to learn from. Mainly, you will find reviews of books about business, self-improvement, and psychology. You can see the site by clicking on my name. Thanks for the consideration!

  10. bruce miller says:

    We do free book reviews for independent authors.

    We are a group of retired people in New Zealand who get tired of bungee jumping or diving icebergs (Haha!), so we play golf, read books, write books, and do free book reviews if we like your book.

    We write books too, so we like to see what other authors are currently doing.

    We try to post our reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. In other words, we give a free review (it may take some time) if we like your book and we read your book if it interests us.

    See our book review page for more info > >

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