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Give your readers a behind-the-scenes look at who you are and how you work. Connect personally with your audience and make videos that can be shared on social media and on your website.

If your readers love your books, they’re going to want to fall in love with you too! Maybe that sounds a little creepy, actually. What I mean is this: fans want to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their favorite author’s life, an inside look that makes them feel more connected and invested to that writer and their work. Video is a great means of achieving that.

Give your fans up close and personal access with affordable video/editing technology. Don’t have a video camera? Borrow a friend’s smartphone, and find a computer with iMovie. In a few hours you’ll have behind-the-scenes video content to share on your blog, website, YouTube channel, Vimeo channel, Facebook, and Twitter (and for use in any blog outreach and promotion you’re doing).

Here’s a few video-promotion ideas for writers to help spark your brain:

  1. A mini-documentary

    Show the world what makes you tick! Gather or shoot whatever footage or photos you need for a 3 or 4 minute story about you. Talk about your writing, your influences, your motivations, your struggles, and your successes. What have you learned as an author? Share your experience. Offer advice.

  2. 1-minute documentary about your writing room

    Show us where the magic happens! Walk your readers through your typical work day. Offer advice about how you arrange your work-space. Show your desk, the window, the typewriter or computer, the cup of water or whiskey, the full ashtray, and the cat lounging on your paperwork.

You don’t have to reveal too much, if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable. Just a quick 30 second clip with something compelling will go a long way to maintaining a sense of connection to your readers. Try it out!

We’d love to hear about your experience shooting promotional videos for your writing career. Feel free to comment or post links to YouTube in the section below.

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