A Report from the Writer’s Digest Conference


BookBaby VP Steven Spatz recently attended the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City and sends in this report:

At the risk of sounding like a certain country comedian, the underlying theme of last weekend’s Writer’s Digest Conference in New York was simple and blunt advice for aspiring authors laboring on their books.

It was simply: “Get ‘er done!”

Their books, that is. There’s been no better time in history to be an author with all of the new self publishing opportunities. The window is wide open and it’s time for every author to climb through it. But you’ve got to finish what you’ve started and that means devoting the necessary hours to your writing hobby.

BookBaby was one of the lead sponsors to the annual Writer’s Digest event held each year in the heart of Manhattan. Approximately 400+ authors enjoyed a 3-day weekend of sessions on a range of topics, from writing and editing tips to book marketing and promotion.

One of the more lively sessions discussed the role of traditional agents and publishers in today’s eBook-oriented marketplace. The panelists agreed that these companies provide many of the services that are required to produce quality books such as editing, cover designs, promotion and distribution. But today’s hardworking self-published author can create their own network of industry sources, including companies such as BookBaby, and claim their rightful place in the literary marketplace.

Book marketing is always a hot button topic, and the Writer’s Digest Conference featured a number of sessions devoted to this issue. My favorite takeaway was from a panelist who focused on the necessary basics of writing your book with a marketing mindset. Authors need to know exactly who they are writing for. The writer that says his target reading audience is every man, woman or child on the planet is not likely to find success. If authors can clearly define their audience, they can both write and then eventually market to this tight niche group to begin to build their own following.

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