Preparing your document for eBook Conversion

preparing for eBook conversion

So your manuscript is complete and ready to enter the digital world? Great! Then it’s time to submit it for eBook conversion.

Here at BookBaby, our conversion professionals will convert your Word, PDF or other popular digital document to produce the highest quality files for viewing on every eReader, tablet and smartphone.

Follow these 4 simple tips to ensure your eBook conversion process goes smoothly:

  1. Remove Text Wrapping – Your text cannot wrap around images, callouts, or other elements. Images must be in line with your text.
  2. Avoid text breaks within paragraphs – Your text should wrap naturally. Pressing the return key should not be the way to break up sentences to start new lines. Only use the return/enter key to start new paragraphs.
  3. Avoid Drop Caps – Drop Caps and script fonts are not widely supported and should be removed from your document.
  4. Clearly mark new chapters – Use a page break, and an “H2” style to clearly identify the start of a new chapter. This will not only create a new entry in the ePub Table of Contents but will also allow every chapter or section to start on a new page on the eReader.

Need more help? Read our full guidelines to prepare for eBook conversion here.

Are you ready to turn your masterpiece into an eBook? Let’s get started!

Self-Publishing Package

BookBaby makes self-publishing easy: From book printing, eBooks, distribution, cover design, and now editing. Since 2011, we’ve helped thousands realize their publishing goals, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. BookBaby creates and distributes your printed books and eBooks to the largest distribution network, including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and many other popular retailers worldwide.



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