How to Set Your Author Facebook Page Custom URL

author Facebook page

Here’s how to create a custom URL for your Author Facebook Page.

If you have at least 25 fans for your Facebook Page, you can set a username that will be way easier for your readers to remember than the gobbledygook they initially assigned as your URL.

Step-by-step instructions on how to set your Facebook Page’s custom URL.

A word of warning: Much like a tattoo, you CANNOT change your Page URL once it is selected, so choose wisely. Pick something you won’t be embarrassed by five years from now. Stick to your nom de plume, or something closely related that is memorable.

The username can ONLY have alphanumeric characters and periods. However, you can designate capital letters, as in “”

Let’s get started.

1. Log into your Facebook account (the one that serves as admin for your Facebook Page)

2. Go to

3. In the top box, you’ll see the username for your PERSONAL profile.

4. Below that is a box that says “Each Page can have a username.” From that dropdown menu, select the appropriate Page.

5. If you have more than 25 Facebook fans, you will see a box to the right that says “Enter desired username.”

6. Enter your desired username and click “Check Availability.” If your choice is available, you’ll see a box like this warning you that you cannot change the username once it is set:

NATK6 Musicians, How to Set Your Facebook Pages Custom URL/Username

7. If you’re sure, click “Confirm.”

Next thing you know, you’ve got yourself a nice custom Author Facebook page username. No more crazy string of numbers.

If you haven’t set your Facebook URL yet, try it! I hope these instructions help.


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