How to Design an eBook: 3 Tips for Creating a Cover That Sells

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We’ve all heard the old cliché “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” But the fact is we humans are a visual species, stimulated by compelling graphics and imagery. And not only do books with cool covers stand out because of their visual appeal, they can be one of your greatest sales tools as well.

The virtual bookshelves of the eBook world are crowded, making it all the more important to stand out when it comes to your eBook cover. If you captivate readers from the outset (with the OUTSIDE of your book), they’ll be drawn to find out what’s inside. Here are 3 tips for creating an eye-catching eBook cover that sells:

1. Be unique – We’ve seen enough book covers with flower-haired maidens at sunset, already! It’s important to stand out. If you are choosing images yourself, make sure they are distinctive in their appeal. Take a look around Amazon and check out all of the other covers in your genre and make sure yours is different. Keep to one theme and don’t over-clutter. Think about what the driving message of the book is and use this as the focus of the design.

2. Be bold, use color – Color Increases readers’ attention span by 82% and makes an impression that is 39% more memorable. Make sure you use RGB color mode for your images as this will be what is displayed on an eReader’s screen. You want your title to be as legible as possible at varying resolutions. Strong, contrasting colors are likely to have the most impact and be the most readable.

3. Think about your thumbnail – Online eBook retailers will likely display your eBook cover as an 80 x 115 pixel thumbnail so it’s important to make sure your cover design is clear and readable at different resolutions. View your cover image at varying image sizes and make sure it looks good when it’s small.

If you’re ready for an eBook cover but need help creating it, fear not; Our designers are here to help! The BookBaby Design Studio will help ensure that you make a professional impression with an expertly designed eBook cover. Our team of designers has years of experience creating packaging for authors, musicians and filmmakers, so rest assured that you’ll get a cover that’s been designed to stand out and increase sales.

The process is an easy 4 steps:
1. Select a package (Basic or Delux)
2. Provide your ideas
3. Complete our Design Questionnaire
4. Review your proof so the ePub assembly and delivery process can begin!

Are you ready? Click here to get started.


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  1. covers help getting somebody to look further instead of bypassing the book completely
    but honestly do you know anybody who bought a book for the cover?


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