If you’re preparing to promote your mystery book, these links and pages will get you off the ground connecting with groups and forums likely to embrace your title.

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If you're getting ready to promote your science fiction book, this post will get you started connecting with groups and forums likely to embrace your work.

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Over the years, we've posted numerous articles with tips and tricks to help authors navigate and optimize their promotional and professional exploits on different social media platforms. Here's a tour of some of our best posts when it comes to social media for authors.

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Twitter for Authors in 10 Minutes a DayPractical tips to promote your book on Twitter in less than 10 minutes a day

Your writing time is worth protecting. As an author, you don’t want to get sucked into yet another social media black hole. That’s why BookBaby has put together “Twitter for Authors in 10 Minutes a Day,” a free guide that will help you use Twitter to connect with readers,  reviewers, fellow writers, and your literary heroes all over the world — without spending your entire life online.

Learn about:

  • Why Twitter is better than Facebook
  • How to compose effective tweets
  • Scheduling tweets in advance
  • Using Bit.ly and Google Analytics to track interactions
  • Monitoring Twitter conversations about your books with HootSuite and TweetDeck
  • And much more!
Download your free copy of "Twitter for Authors in 10 Minutes a Day."

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Using a generator called "ClicktoTweet," bloggers are able to highlight specific text within their blog posts (like a cool quote or great one liner) and tweet it out to the cyber universe, directing traffic back to said blog.

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Twitter Promotion Tips for AuthorsThough it's been around for more than 6 years (a lifetime for an internet company) — and gained more than half a billion users — Twitter is still a big mystery for many authors.

In an effort to de-mystify the social network which most baffles new users, we've compiled a list of our favorite articles about how authors can use Twitter to:

* promote books

* expand upon existing narratives

* network with other writers and publishing industry professionals

* build a readership

* and more

So, here we go...

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Loud EvolutionAccording to a recent Mashable article called "This Is the Future of Book Marketing" — the authors of tomorrow (today) might be expected to offer supplemental content via social networks like Twitter and games like Minecraft. 

Writer Goran Racic is now doing exactly that — giving fans of his newest novel, Loud Evolution, additional ways to interact with the characters from his fictional world. The hero, Thomas Loud, even has his own Twitter feed where he talks about his newest adventures, thus teasing narrative elements from Racic's in-the-works sequel.

According to the Mashable article:

Racic says it's more than just marketing — it's a multi-dimensional social experience to complement the book. "The overall idea is to have a story that's unfolding in real life," Racic tells Mashable. "There's so much technology available for storytelling. It just feels natural to combine everything."
For more information about how Racic is bringing his fictional world to Twitter and Minecraft, check out "This Is the Future of Book Marketing."

Have you used media outside of your book to continue telling the story?

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