Viv Oyolu joined our July Twitter chat to talk book marketing strategies and to share tips for podcasting more effectively. We frequently hear our friends in literary circles asking how to promote their books more effectively, and podcasting and podcast interviews aren't often part of the conversation. It's not as difficult as many authors think, and Viv was full of great info to help authors get started.

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We are half way through 2015, and a lot of people who didn’t consider themselves authors or writers this time last year have written and published books. This means there are more books available fighting to catch readers’ attention. Just as there are more books available in all genres, there are new podcast shows launched every day. The written word is not your only option for book promotion. Podcasting and interviews can be an effective way to reach potential readers.

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How to give a good radio interview

These days, even radio programs are online. You can get a pretty good overview of what a radio show does if you visit its website or Google it. Just a few seconds on their site will give you all you need to know to make sure you're talking about something relevant to the station’s audience. These days, the Internet is your best friend.

Here are some additional tips for working with radio:

Guests need to be able to speak at length—and illustrate with real examples/props

What works best for TV doesn’t necessarily work for radio. There are a lot of guests on a TV segment and it's moving all the time. “For talk radio, what we do is more about having a guest who can be on topic for an hour. Make sure your source can be available that long and has a real opinion on topical issues," says a senior producer at Fox News Talk. "Realize we need guests who can tell first-person stories about what's happening to real people," she advises.

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