Sharks love chum. Bears love honey. And members of the press,... they love media-friendly websites. If you want journalists, critics, radio and TV producers, and bloggers to take a serious interest in your book, you have to make things easy for them. And by "easy," I mean "idiot-proof!" I'm not saying this to question the intelligence of folks in those professions, simply to acknowledge how very, very, very busy they are. If they can't find the information they need (or the information that will hook them) in a matter of seconds, you'll lose out on valuable coverage-- and weeks from now you'll be reading a review or watching a news segment about ANOTHER author's book.

7 essentials for the media-friendly author website

1. Create a PRESS KIT page- Among the tabs you'd normally expect to see on an author website (bio, events, books, etc.), make sure you create a tab that goes to a page housing all the relevant information the media might require (more about this below). How you title this tab/page is up to you-- just make it obvious! I suggest "press kit" if you can't think of something better.

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