This might sound a little hyperbolic, but it's true: your whole writing career could be changed by attending just one literary conference, book fair, or publishing industry trade show. Here are a few tips on how to prepare.

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How to Survive AWP

The independent author's literary conference survival guide

AWP — the coolest, craziest, literary clusterfright in America — is only a day away. It's an awkward orgy of desperate self-promotion, and believe it or not, I'm psyched...

... to work the booth for BookBaby at the trade show? (Booth #2709: come visit!) Yes, yes — of course. But also to meet the editors from journals that accepted my poems over the past year, to check out readings by some of my poetry heroes, and to rudely tweet my way through a few friends' panel discussions.

But I recognize my enthusiasm for such events is not universally shared amongst us bookish types.

If you're someone who recognizes the value of attending a conference like AWP, but you tremble at the idea of shaking hands with folks who might hold the keys to your success, here's a list of entertaining articles to cheer you, calm you, and get you ready for maximum networking mayhem.

6 articles that will help you live to tell about AWP

1. The Ides and AWPs of March

2. How to Win AWP

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