The more important a project is to us, the harder it can be to start and continue--and take it all the way to publication. The more we care, the more we fret. 

When we attempt to take our writing to the next level with a more ambitious project such as a complete novel or nonfiction book, a change-the-world manifesto, or even essays or stories that are intellectually or emotionally more rigorous--it's easy to get lost in the complexity of all we want to say and accomplish.

What I tell myself over and over is, Just begin!

Here are 7 strategies that can help you get--and keep--your writing sea legs and create work you’re proud of.

1. Practice Writing.

Find one pinky fingernail bit of your idea, one corner where you can sit at your screen or with a yellow pad and write out several paragraphs, pages, or a whole thread of an idea. Develop small chunks of writing. Getting even a few pages of a chapter opening, one section of a topic, or a single scene drafted can be a huge boost.

For non-fiction (including memoir) you can develop starter pages with bullet lists of information you want to fill in. For fiction you can plot out a particular bit of action that can be woven into a seamless whole over the course of writing and rewriting process.

When you make your idea concrete, it becomes easier to look at your work as a "project" and not as "you." Believe me, just push forward.

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What’s holding you back from sharing your message with the world? 

Too many people end up pouring their heart, soul, time, and money into pursuing their publishing dreams, only to realize they’re actually missing a few essential ingredients and a pathway for success.

Book Breakthrough NYC, a 3-day publishing master-class from July 28-30, is the answer.

Imagine if you could have:

  • Direct access to top editors, literary agents, and publishing insiders.
  • Customized feedback so you can develop your ideas into a compelling book.
  • Face-to-face advice from bestselling authors who have been there before.
  • Cutting-edge guidance to understand the best options for self-publishing and traditional publishing, including and what’s right for different projects and stages.
  • Clarity around your “platform”—and how and why to build yours NOW.
  • State-of-the-art lessons and actual strategies tailored for your book and goals.
  • Relationships, inspiration, and insights that will last a lifetime and apply to every idea-driven project you work on.

That’s the kind of collaborative, insider help you’ll get at Book Breakthrough NYC: Ideas + Relationships + Strategy, a transformative event hosted by Janet Goldstein and Elizabeth Marshall. They’ll teach you proven approaches to develop your signature ideas, build your following, and align your book and business.

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