Shannon McLay was a BookBaby author. Not anymore. She’s gone, outta here, an ex-customer. Adios, au revoir, see you later. And get this: leaving BookBaby has made all the difference for Shannon’s writing career. Personally I’m glad to see her go.

Not exactly what you expected to read on the BookBaby blog, eh? Well, get used to it – I hope! If I had my druthers, I’d be blogging about people like Shannon all day long. In fact, dear reader, I hope you’re next.

Thoroughly confused now? OK, I’ve got some explaining to do. Shannon did indeed launch her writing career with BookBaby over a year ago. She’s a financial planner who left a big name financial services firm to start her own company, NextGen Financial, because, as she put it to me: “I was much more interested in helping people who were in the wealth generation time of their financial lives rather than wealth management.”

Her company focuses on people in their 20s and 30s who are starting out and trying to build assets while also managing debt.

To help promote her company she launched her blog — — and then considered doing an eBook. “I came up with the idea for my book as a marketing tool for my business,” she said.  “I thought having a book would give me more authority as a financial expert. So I just started writing and writing, and before I knew it I thought I had a real book!” Read more